Teen Reviews A Professional Make-up Lesson
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Teen Reviews A Professional Make-up Lesson

Teen Reviewer Lara Smellie takes a professional make-up lesson from expert Elle Hitchens

Having a private make-up lesson is one of the biggest and most useful treats I can imagine. I’ve been told off for wearing too much eyeliner at school and I’d like to know how to look very natural. For parties I like to pamper myself and take my time getting the right look. Product-wise, I wear moisturiser, concealer and mascara and I try to do my brows. I’m a bit nervous of blusher – I always look like a tomato! I can’t afford expensive products, but I do share a bathroom with my mum…

Elle Hitchens – like many make-up artists – offers private make-up lessons, either individually or as a group – which sounds really good fun, and I’m very impressed with the work she’s done. Her clients include Maroon 5, Hello! and Vogue Italia.

Lara Smellie getting her makeup done

Lara Smellie getting her makeup done

Celebrity Make-up Artist Explains How To Get Started

During the hour and a half (or more if needed!), she explains how to create your look, as well as recommending inexpensive brands that might work for you. With her own studio in Bristol, she says that clients can come to her, or she’ll travel around the country. She takes lots of notes and sends a write-up afterwards, so you don’t have to remember everything and can just enjoy the pampering experience. Top tip from me – wash your hair beforehand as you’ll be looking at yourself in the mirror a lot!

She says that 16th birthdays are often a time when parents book a make-up lesson as a treat – and I think that once learned, the techniques will always be with you.

First of all she says that I’ve got good skin, which is nice to hear. I think my skin looks dry and patchy, but I want it to look dewy and fresh. Elle recommends that I use a facial mist after cleansing to lock in the moisture.

Eyeshadow palette

Makeup by Elle Hitchens

Apparently I’m using too much concealer – which is why it sometimes looks a bit caked. ‘Use thin layers and build up more’ she says, and suggests investing in a skin tint with a bit of SPF, instead of full-on foundation for coverage and glow, but also hydration and nourishment. As well as showing me how to cover up spots (using two concealers), there are masses of brilliant top tips – such as using eyeshadow crayons, which I’d never thought of, and ideas for being a bit braver with, for example, eyeshadow colours. Elle demonstrates all the techniques on me – showing me updates in a mirror so I can see what she’s done. I’ve never bothered with lipsticks, but she recommended that I use a lip tint instead for a swoosh of colour.

This was really fun and very useful. Doing it as a party with friends would be a great 16th, but getting the benefit of all that one-on-one expertise was also brilliant.  I highly recommend this.’ 

Mum Alice says: ‘I am jealous of Lara’s trying this out, and mentally taking quite a few notes for myself. I wish I’d had the opportunity at her age – I think the lessons will stand her in excellent stead over the next few years.’

Teen Verdict

‘All that one-to-one expertise was brilliant’

Parent Verdict 

‘Jealous, frankly – and hopeful the lessons will stand her in good stead’

More information 

90-minute lessons from £150. Elle Hitchens, 07919 204190; ellehitchens.co.uk