Why Choose Bilingual Learning?
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Why Choose Bilingual Learning?

Parlez-vous français? Situated in the heart of London, L’Ecole des Petits and L’Ecole de Battersea are more than just bilingual schools; they are gateways to a world of boundless opportunities

’Ecole des Petits, established in 1977, and L’Ecole de Battersea, established in 2005, two English-French bilingual sister schools offer families a full immersion in the captivating world of bilingual learning tailored for children aged 3-11.

Recent studies reveal that bilingualism from an early age sparks enhanced cognitive abilities, creativity, and advanced problem-solving skills. As our young learners master both languages, they are not just absorbing words; they are embracing a distinctive thinking and cultural perspective perfect for today’s interconnected global stage; and the earlier they start the better.

The children learn to effortlessly glide between French and English conversations, seamlessly blending linguistic finesse with a sharp cognitive edge as they mature. The meticulously designed hybrid curriculum goes beyond simple language acquisition; it cultivates an environment where children thrive on open-mindedness and motivation, celebrating cultural diversity with over 30 nationalities represented.

It is also noteworthy that the two schools achieve this while maintaining accessible school fees, making this exceptional bilingual experience available to a wide range of families. L’Ecole des Petits & L’Ecole de Battersea offer an educational experience that not only values bilingualism and academics, but also the softer subjects such as sports, art and drama, leading to a high-quality education for their children.

‘The teaching staff are able to tailor their teaching to the individual needs of children’s learning and their abilities’ a parent says. The diverse team is passionately dedicated to providing a nurturing space where children don’t just grow – they flourish. From engaging activities to personalised pastoral care, the pupils thrive in a supportive and secure environment. 

Find Out More: See our website or come visit our schools! We offer weekly school visits on Thursdays and Fridays for families to discover the enchanting realm of our bilingual environment. ‘Where there is vision the children shall flourish’.

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For L’Ecole des Petits (ages 3-6), SW6 2NB: lecoledespetits.co.uk
For L’Ecole de Battersea (ages 3-11), SW11 3DS: lecoledebattersea.co.uk