Elstree Alumni With Children Currently At The Prep And Pre-Prep Schools
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Elstree Alumni With Children Currently At The Prep And Pre-Prep Schools

Elstree School was thrilled to announce that 25 of their current Elstree Prep and Pre-Prep Pupils are sons or daughters of Elstree Alumni. They marked this occasion with taking a photo of them all on the front steps. Olivia Inglis, Headmaster’s wife, said, ‘To have nearly 10% of Elstree Alumni children in the School is a wonderful compliment to the current staff and children at Elstree.’

Olivia added, ‘We are sure that the number of Old Girls sending their children to Elstree will increase in the future, but it’s great to have Debs Burles (née McMullen) back at Elstree.’

Debs joined the team as Marketing Manager in the summer along with her son Alfie starting in the school. Debs is the daughter of former Headmaster Terrence McMullen and was a pupil at Elstree from 1980 to 1986. She returned as an Elstree Gapper in 1991. Debs was married in St Peter’s Church Woolhampton, in 2007 with a reception back at Elstree.

Debs said, ‘I have an obvious affinity with the school having lived here for the first twenty years of my life.  I was so excited to find out that my desk was based in what was my father’s Headmaster’s Study!’

Elstree School has always valued its Alumni who are all invited to become members of the Elstree School Association (ESA) when they leave the School. There are various ESA events throughout the year and all are encouraged to keep a connection with the School and keep in touch with each other.

Steve Bates, Hon. Secretary of the ESA commented, ‘Elstree enjoys nothing more than hearing from former pupils and their parents about life after Elstree, especially about their next schools and career steps. We also welcome Alumni to return as Gappers who are an integral part of life at Elstree. It’s wonderful to see many returning to Elstree as parents.’

To find out more information about Elstree School visit on their website or arrange a visit by emailing [email protected].

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