There now seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, with primary school pupils set to return to school before the end of the school year. We haven’t yet reached the end though, so parents may still like to have some support for schooling their children at home.

Enjoy Education
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Kate Shand, CEO of Enjoy Education, has spent time with Katherine Rose, a trained primary school teacher and expert in lower primary years, to ask some questions and get some valuable tips and advice for home schooling. 

Enjoy Education have split the questions and answers into bitesized nuggets; click on the links below for a couple of minutes of Katherine’s learning wisdom.

  1. How can we integrate the school day successfully into our family set-up? 
  2. How can we put all the expected learning from school into practice? 
  3. How can we support our children to stay calm and motivated to learn?
  4. What if my child doesn’t understand their lessons? 
  5. How can we help our children to be positive learners at home? 
  6. My child won’t do any writing or any work at all!
  7. Many families are expressing concerns over family well-being. How can we support our children?
  8. If there could be one piece of advice you’d give to parents with young learners what would it be? 

Enjoy Education is a London-based private tuition, homeschooling and advisory company providing families with expert educational advice and learning support.

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