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Google and itslearning Join Forces for the Future of Education

Europe’s most widely used learning platform, itslearning, and Google for Education have collaborated in order to improve teaching and learning through technology. 

The new partnership is set to improve teaching and learning

The global collaboration between itslearning and Google for Education initiates the first phase of a comprehensive technological roadmap for the two companies. The interaction between the itslearning platform and Google’s “G Suite” will benefit teachers and students worldwide.

In modern learning, students work best in a learning platform environment, allowing teachers to plan, deliver, communicate and engage, and formatively assess student learning against academic goals, all within one platform, in any location and from any device. The itslearning solution is cloud-based and already allows schools to truly personalise learning by putting curriculum resources, instructional strategies, objective-based lesson plans and assessments, all in one easy-to-access central location. The platform provides countless ways for teachers to create engaging lessons and resources, makes teacher collaboration and sharing of materials easy, and automates routine tasks so teachers have more time to focus on their students. However, by integrating G Suite into it, the partnership will seamlessly combine users’ favourite tools alongside those of itslearning, facilitating a true learning-centric environment.

The new benefits include Google Drive integration and file uploading, Google file collaboration, giving feedback in real-time on Google Docs, creating Google document templates, Google Hangouts within Instant Messaging amongst others, all centralised within itslearning.

New benefits include the use of Google Hangouts within Instant Messaging

The new collaboration agreement between itslearning and Google means that we can jointly create broad and deep interoperability between the two systems. The best features of Google Classroom will be a prominent place in itslearning’s LMS and vice versa. The learning environment is easy to use for both students and teachers, and it makes the learning platform an even stronger educational tool.

Matthew Jordan, Head of Sales & Marketing at itslearning UK

Additional integration features will be released throughout 2019. Liz Sproat, Head of EMEA for Google for Education: ‘we are looking forward to working with itsLearning who share a similar approach to us in the solutions they provide to schools. Both Google and itsLearning work closely with teachers to create tools to help enrich and streamline the teaching & learning experience in the classroom.’

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