Tormead School’s newly appointed head girls, Charlotte and Ellie, tell us about their journey through the Surrey-based school.

Tormead journey

Over the past decade, Tormead has allowed us to flourish not only academically but also as individuals. Its warm, nurturing environment supports students no matter their interests. Whether it be achieving four national champion titles in gymnastics, debating against other schools or solving murder mysteries in forensics club. We believe Tormead focuses on the individual and their journey rather than just the outcome.

Tormead has been a journey of discovery for us over the last ten years that has allowed us to delve into many different ventures, pursuing our academic interests or enjoying varied co-curricular activities. Perhaps most importantly, Tormead is a community of great people that go the extra mile to provide opportunities that will benefit you not just in the present but also the future. The best aspect of the Tormead community is that support comes from both the students and from the network of welcoming, inspiring teachers that have made our experience invaluable.

We feel that Tormead excels at providing the opportunity for self-discovery and embeds the tenets of determination and resilience into each and every pupil. One of our proudest moments along this journey has been recording a podcast with IAMTHECODE, a charity organisation focusing on gender equality that has allowed us to develop our understanding of the wider world.

We are encouraged to embrace curiosity as the key to our learning. The biology department offers a forensics club, genetics society, MEDSEMs, enrichment and conservation club – all of which we have greatly benefited from. Alternatively, the drama department is renowned for its plays that evoke both smiles and tears!

Tormead has allowed us to grow into positive, confident and outgoing individuals ready for bright futures.



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Open days: Sept 2023 start, Senior, 23 Sept, 1 Oct. Prep, 1 Oct, 14 Oct. Sept 2024 start; Senior, 4 May, 21 June. Prep, 3 March, 6 May

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