Get Halloween ready by reading these new kids books, one of which includes the return of an iconic duo. By Anoop Bhuller.

Rudy & The Wolf Club and Rudy & The Monster at School (Ages 5+)

Rudy and friends

On the 6th October new titles, Rudy & The Wolf Club and Rudy & The Monster at School will be published. The new books, written by Paul Westmoreland and illustrated by George Ermos, is a gothic-inspired series perfect for a halloween read. George Ermos’ illustrations in the recently published title, Firefly, was selected by Waterstones as one of the Best Children’s Books to Read 2022. His colourful illustrations are featured within these new books.

The series explores the building of friendships and the idea that kindness and empathy will always win the day. The books also delve into areas such as managing responsibility, problem-solving, team work and mental and emotional resilience.

In Rudy & The Wolf Club, Rudy finds himself in a tough position after finding a lost wold cub at the skate park. The book details his journey of trying to return this cub to its home. Continuing the adventure in Rudy & The Monster at School, he sees a new boy join his school which leads to him facing some daring and spooky challenges.

Aimed at middle grade children and children five years or older, this series also looks to help bridge the reading gap between picture books and independent reading. Oxford University Press, £6.99

Winnie and Wilbur: Winnie the Witch 35th Anniversary Edition

Winnie and Wilbur

The anniversary edition of Winnie and Wilbur, being published on the 20th October 2022, celebrates 35 years of their adventures together. In this iconic return, Winnie and Wilbur get creative with spells. The series continues to celebrate diversity and friendship, while showing the joys of global communities coming together in The Festival of Witches editions.

The special edition includes forewards from the author, Valerie Thomas and Author, Kory Paul. It will feature a gallery of Winnie and Wilbur’s magical memories and behind the scene sketches from Kory Paul’s studio. Oxford University Press, £12.99

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