How to Find a Good Education Consultant

By School House

1 year ago

As a leading provider of education consultancy in the UK, Simply Learning Tuition shares how you can find a good education consultant.

What is an Education Consultant?

An educational consultant can help you find the right nursery or school for your child, they can match students with the best universities and courses, or support you through the process of independent school applications.

Simply Learning Tuition
Simply Learning Tuition

Why should you use an Education Consultant?

Making decisions about your child’s education can be difficult. Education Consultants take the pressure off. You can choose how involved you want them to be, they can help you to discuss admissions options or manage the entire process for you.

A good consultant will keep a focus on your child’s wellbeing. Other sources of advice are also useful, such as online tools, like SL’s School Finder. However, an education consultant can meet and get to know your child, allowing them to take a more tailored approach.

When should you use an education consultant?


Parents often use an education consultant for the first time when looking for a nursery. This is the first time they have to put their child’s care into someone else’s hands, so finding a nursery where they can be happy is key.

There is lots to consider when picking a nursery, whether you need yearly or termly care and the location. 

A good consultant can help match all the details to the parents requirements and keep on top of details that often catch parents out such as registration deadlines. 


Families are increasingly relying on education consultants to help them with applications. With over 2500 independent schools in the UK, each one is different.

An education consultant can find your child the right fit, can accompany you on school visits and handle the paperwork. 

The admissions process depends on the school you choose and your child’s age. For example, to enter Eton or Westminster in Year 9 you need to register in Year 5 at the latest. 

Consultants will be familiar with the popular school’s admissions process and may even recommend a course of tuition to help give your child the best chance.


Education consultants are most commonly used for university applications. More and more young people are applying to university every year, with competition rising.

A consultant can help you find the best course that aligns with your interests and career aspirations. They will be well adverse with where the teaching, academic programmes and networking opportunities are best.

Once you have decided on your course, they can help with your application and advice you with your UCAS personal statement.

At Simply Learning Tuition, we always recommend that parents start the university application journey a few years before submissions are due, ideally in Year 10 or 11. At this point, consultants can advise you on the subjects to study at IB or A-level to help you win a place on your chosen course. The best consultancies will also have specialist Oxbridge programmes to prepare you for the unique rigours of admissions to these elite universities.

Education consultants can also offer tailored support for international students. Navigating unfamiliar education systems can be daunting, the advice of a consultant that specialises in admissions in the country you are looking at can make a big difference.

What to Look for in an Education Consultant?

Before deciding on a consultant, check whether they receive commission or introductory fees from schools or universities. Some may not be able to give impartial advice if they do.

A good consultant will show you testimonials from families and students they have previously helped.

It is a good idea to ask them whether they go on regular school visits and personally speak with the admissions staff.

This could be a relationship that lasts years or even decades, so it’s worth making sure that you and the consultant are the right fit for each other. We’re proud of the fact that many families return to us throughout their child’s education, from their first steps into nursery school to their final days at university.

Simply Learning Tuition and Consultancy offer expert advice and support for families and students at every stage of their education. Our award-winning in-house team of consultants work with a wider group of inspiring and well-connected head teachers, sixth-form heads, Oxbridge admissions tutors and US university specialists. Together, we really do know the system better than anyone else – that’s why we’re trusted by hundreds of families to provide practical guidance on everything educational.

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