Inspection Finds CLC ‘Excellent’ in Every Category

By School House

1 year ago

The quality of education at Cheltenham Ladies’ College has been classified as ‘excellent’ in every category, according to their latest inspection report published earlier this month.

Undertaken by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), full inspections assess regulatory compliance and also give one of three judgements, ‘excellent’, ‘good’, or ‘unsatisfactory’, on the quality of the school’s provision in key areas; the pupils’ achievements and academic development, and the pupils’ personal development.

Cheltenham Ladies' College (Photo: CLC)
Cheltenham Ladies’ College (Photo: CLC)

When assessing the pupils’ academic and other achievements, such as co-curricular, the inspection reported that they ‘develop a comprehensive body of knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of learning, enabling them to continually extend their range of achievements’.

The key findings went on to state that the ‘pupils’ attitudes to learning are consistently positive’, reporting that ‘they show initiative, independence and leadership in their learning’, and ‘articulately communicate their ideas, views and feelings, listen attentively to others, read avidly and skilfully express themselves when writing or during discussion’.

When reporting on the pupils’ personal development, the inspection found that ‘pupils develop strong confidence’ allowing them to ‘eagerly and resolutely seek new challenges in order to stretch their immediate and longer-term personal boundaries and aspirations’. The inspectors also found that pupils “examine ethical issues deeply with regard for all viewpoints’ and ‘appreciate that well-being and mental health are essential for a balanced life.’

Principal Eve Jardine-Young said: ‘We are absolutely delighted that CLC is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and has achieved the highest possible grading of ‘excellent’ in all areas in the Educational Quality inspection.’

‘My warmest thanks and congratulations go to all of our teachers, pupils, staff and parents for their contributions; without their dedication to sustaining excellence throughout College, this result would simply not be possible. It is a powerful affirmation of their incredible work.’

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