Jeremy Hunt Opens Two New Boarding Houses at Charterhouse

By School House

3 years ago

From left to right: Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP; Mayor and Mayoress for Waverley, John Robini and Jacquie Keen; Mayor and Mayoress for Godalming, Michael Steel and Jane Steel; Head of Charterhouse: Dr Alex Peterken

In an important day in the history of Charterhouse, the School welcomed former pupil Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP back to the campus to officially open two new boarding houses. 

New houses, Northbrook and Saunderites, are both tremendous additions to the School’s facilities and provide a wonderful environment for pupils to live and learn. Each has been designed with a nod to the gothic architecture of the Old School and also to blend in with the colour palette of existing materials used around the campus. 

Jeremy Hunt unveiling the commemorative plaque

Both houses feature 64 bed spaces across 49 bedrooms, 28 of which are ensuite. Keen to operate sustainably, they also feature photo-voltaic panels and LED lighting to keep the building’s energy consumption as efficient as possible. It’s what these new houses represent that is most important however – a move to full coeducation and welcoming 170 new boys and girls into Year 9 this academic year. 

Jeremy Hunt speaking at the event

Alongside the completion of these new houses and the marked increase in pupil numbers, this year has also seen several other developments at Charterhouse: a merger with Edgeborough, a local prep school in Farnham, the opening of two new international schools, the completion of a new contemporary café in the centre of the Old School and the upgrading of Biology and Physics laboratories. 

It’s an exciting time for Charterhouse with significant developments happening both at home and overseas. The School is grateful to Jeremy Hunt, Mayor for Godalming, Michael Steel and Mayor for Waverley, John Robini for joining the school to mark this important occasion. 

The new Saunderites House
The new Northbrook House

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