Kingswood Pupils in Children’s Parliament

By School House

3 years ago

During the first week of half term, some Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from Kingswood School, Bath, took part in a nationwide Children’s Parliament. Read more below from the school…

In the Art Department at Kingswood

The event bought together children from all over the country to discuss climate change ahead of COP26, and to have a wider debate around current issues such as the impact of robots on employment opportunities and Covid-19.

The event itself was hosted by Microsoft, and subsequently became a world record holder for the largest children’s Parliament ever hosted, beating the previous record of 270 children. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson opened proceedings via this video before David Davis, the former shadow Home Secretary and current Secretary of State for the EU, fielded questions from the children. The event also carried a reflective tone as the late David Amess was a driving force in setting the event up and growing it to the scale it reached. The event was held in his honour. 

During the evening, Kingswood children were outstanding. 15 children from across both year groups volunteered themselves to take part, where they had to complete additional work thinking and sharing their views on climate issues and how we could look to address them.

We were also fortunate to have the opportunity to have two of our pupils, Rose and Lola, prepare statements to deliver live during the event. Both girls prepared brilliantly and should be very proud of the work they put in.

All the children were able to contribute via commenting on debates and voting on key issues. Our Year 5 teacher, Mr Whitby was so proud of the children and says ‘It was wonderful to see the Kingswood name popping up so frequently with thoughtful and interesting comments.

A final thank you to the children for volunteering their own time during half term, and to the parents for being so supportive of the event.

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