Knightsbridge School is getting bigger and better as it extends to offer a superlative education to pupils up to 16

Knightsbridge School expands

Knightsbridge School (KS) opened its doors in 2006 as a co-educational prep school offering schooling for children aged three to 13 year olds. Since then it has proven itself as a nurturing and energetic school with popularity for places soaring.

‘We opened Knightsbridge School to address a shortage of pre-prep and prep places in central London,’ says founder and principal, Magoo Giles.‘But over the years we’ve had many conversations with parents who have expressed disappointment that their child couldn’t stay on at Knightsbridge School past 13-years-old.

Knightsbridge School expands

‘We decided that it was time to address this issue; so, last academic year, we introduced a Year 9 class, with Years 10 and 11 to follow this year and next respectively. This step fulfills the ambition of the school to provide an all-through education.’ The extension will progress year-on-year organically, to ensure the KS culture throughout.

Shona Colaço, head, is responsible for planning this exciting extension, a role for which she feels well equipped, having had previous experience of the same task. ‘The excitement from students and parents has been matched by that of the staff across the school,’ says Shona Colaço. ‘Many of our teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching through to GCSE and have been eagerly developing the new curriculum. 

We have developed the curriculum around our KS code, which allows our students to pursue their own unique path. From creative subjects such as dance, drama, music and visual art, to the more academic sciences, humanities, business and computing, our bespoke curriculum is tailored to the needs of our students.

We are proud of our multicultural community and embrace this through our celebrations, offering of languages and in the curriculum we teach. Our life perspectives curriculum allows students to explore subjects such as citizenship, religious studies and sociology, with scope to achieve qualifications at GCSE, and incorporates opportunities for our children to engage in discussion with role models across diverse industries and communities.

Our holistic approach to well-being includes weekly yoga and team building sessions at the start and end of each week. This provision, alongside our weekly sports sessions, ensures our students continue to have healthy bodies and healthy minds. 

It’s not just the staff that have an active role in shaping the senior school however. ‘Our current year eights were the ones to choose the new senior uniform design, so that they had a say in what they see themselves wearing with pride at age 16,’ explains Colaço. The current year eights and nines have also been involved in the design of their student common room and dining area. 

‘It’s a very exciting time for us here at Knightsbridge,’ says Magoo. ‘We look forward to the coming years to see how we all, staff and students alike, can progress and develop together in this new chapter of Knightsbridge School.’

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