Leweston has added an exciting new element to the boarder’s after-school and weekend activity programme this term with yoga and body combat sessions offered in each boarding house. The classes have proved very popular with the students and are a great opportunity to unwind.

The sessions have been led by Leweston’s new gap assistant, Zoe Sing, who has a BSC in food with nutrition. As well as running health and fitness sessions, Zoe has been providing nutrition and wellbeing advice to the students and has put together beautiful and informative displays across the Houses. The displays are designed to make a positive impact on boarders’ mental health, with information about sleep and the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise programme. 

Zoe’s classes are the first step in a wider health and well-being programme and she is working alongside Leweston’s director of boarding, Beth Simkins-Smith, to deliver well-woman and well-man clinics to boarders. These will focus on some of these topics in more depth and provide an opportunity for students to explore their physical and mental health. 

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