National Emergency Nurse’s Day at Danes Hill

By School House

3 years ago

Danes Hill pupils celebrated National Emergency Nurse’s Day on Wednesday 13 October, the younger pupils aged 6 and 7 all drew a picture or wrote a message on a card to share their appreciation of the work their emergency nurses do.

These cards were hand-delivered to Epsom Hospital, which is local to many Danes Hill families, and also presented cards to the school nurses on site.

Following the Danes Hill School Charities Committee discussion about national days in their recent meetings, the Danes Hill Year 2 children gathered their colouring pencils and used their imagination to create impressive pictures and notes for local emergency nurses.

Many Danes Hill children attended school during lockdown as key worker children and remember all too well how hard our emergency services worked over recent times. The cards were then hand-delivered to Epsom Accident and Emergency department to the delight of the nurses who received them.

National Emergency Nurse's Day

Emergency nurse practitioners are speciality care providers and licensed practitioners, they provide care to patients in ambulatory, urgent and emergency care settings.

To be classed as an emergency nurse, the individual needs to perform a minimum of 1,000 emergency care clinical practice hours and 100 emergency-related continued education requirements within 5 years of certification. There are currently 4900 staff who work round the clock at Epsom Hospital.

Rob Andrews, Acting Head at Danes Hill School said ‘It is certainly the little things in life that can make a big difference. We strive to ensure that each day at Danes Hill we do one action that is positive and makes another person smile. It is great to know that the children have made a lot of hard-working individuals very happy.’

One Year 2 pupil commented, ‘I love drawing, I placed a rainbow in my picture as that is always what I think of when I think of nurses.’

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