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How to Entertain Children while Travelling

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Tips to keep the words ‘are we nearly there yet?’ at bay when on holiday.

The summer holidays are nearly here, which means many families will be counting down the days until they can escape to sunny Mallorca or retreat to Cornwall to get some much needed fresh air in the countryside.

Whilst enthused by the prospect of time away, getting there is a different story. We all know how difficult long journeys with little ones can be. So, to alleviate the dread that is usually attached to travelling with children, below are some top tips to help entertain your children while travelling.

Discourage Passive Screen Time

It’s no surprise that when parents are looking for ways to distract children that they automatically reach for their iPads and mobile phones. Although it is inevitable, parents must encourage active screen time, rather than letting them scroll on their screens passively.

Active screen time is when the child is engaged in physical or cognitive activity. For example, an app that educates and entertains such as IntellectoKids Learning Games can help children aged three to six to master a variety of skills such as the alphabet, mathematics, memory, arts and logic. The World Health Organisation recommends that two to four year olds only engage in passive – or sedentary – screen time for an hour a day, and less is better. This includes watching television programmes or films, which will temptingly keep your kids quiet for longer periods of time. Instead, try playing some games!

entertain children while travelling
Use apps that help your children learn

Play Games

Traditional games such as ‘I Spy’ and ‘Who am I?’ are key to getting the whole family chatting and laughing when on-the-go. For children older than eight years old, try games that will encourage them to learn something new about their parents such as ‘How well do you know me?’ where either mum or dad can say a statement such as ‘my favourite thing to eat is…” and challenge kids to answer correctly. If you’re playing with more than one child, don’t be surprised if this turns into a friendly competition. This can also be played vice versa. 

Listen To Books

Sometimes, an open road and beautiful scenery can keep everyone occupied and in awe. When you hit a traffic jam, however, the story is a very different one. A lengthy drive can leave both children and adults bored and drained. Audiobooks are a great way of making time fly and keeping the whole family engaged. Everyone can listen to the soothing sounds of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or on the edges of their seats absorbing Harry Potter’ wizarding adventures.

entertain children while travelling
Colouring will keep your child busy

Get Artistic

No matter the age, children love the chance to express their inner Picasso. Remember to pack pencils, crayons and a scrapbook and allow them to bring their imagination to life. Challenge them with the task of drawing something outside. It could be the scenic mountains that are peeking through the clouds or even the cabin crew in their unusual uniforms.

Pack Snacks

Snacks such as cherry tomatoes, apricots and raisins are delicious, healthy and life-savers when convincing kids stay in their seats. Use vacutherm insulated containers such as Vaya Preserve that keep snacks cool or warm during long journeys.

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