What’s On At Frameless This May Half-Term?

By Anoop Bhuller

1 month ago

Inspiring galleries and new classes

At Frameless this May half-term, you can walk through four sensory galleries featuring artwork from Van Gogh to Dalí that has been re-sculpted by digital technology. 

Plus, Frameless are dedicating an entire morning to Accessibility. 

Toddlers exploring the gallery

Toddlers exploring the gallery

Chilled Out Sessions

Chilled sessions have been designed for deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent people. With a sensory chill out area, they also offer ear defenders, fidget toys, dark glasses and easy-read and visual guides to those who need them.
These sessions have a reduced capacity, minimise loud noises and use low-level lighting. 

Multisensory Tots

A monthly class for parents and toddlers, in partnership with The Babysitting Club, it offers an opportunity for children and adults to socialise with others. The classes focus on immersive storytellings, music and senses. Children can also explore the rest of Frameless before and after their session. 

A new addition – Frameless now runs Parent and Toddler sessions on weekdays during term-time.

Frameless are offering Parent and Toddler sessions this May half-term

Frameless are offering Parent and Toddler sessions this May half-term

The Galleries

Beyond Reality – Immerse yourself in artwork that explores countries around the world and dreams. This gallery includes artwork by Much, Bosch and Klimt.

Parents and children enjoying the art

Parents and children enjoying the art

Colour in Motion – Experience colour in all its forms, with artwork from Monet, Signac and Seurat, Delaunay and Morisot.

The World Around Us – Inspired by cityscapes and seascapes, this gallery includes artwork from Canaletto, Cezanne, Monet, Rembrandt and Ruysch.