Park School Receives Excellent Inspection Report

By School House

1 year ago

Bournemouth Prep School, Park School, has received a double Excellent report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Park School pupils playing outside
Pupils playing outside

The report covered all aspects of the school including its curriculum, pastoral care, personal and social development, health and safety, facilities and leadership.

Headmistress, Melanie Dowler, said: ‘I’m so pleased that the talent, hard work, kindness and individuality of both our teachers and pupils shone through in all aspects of school life and would like to whole-heartedly congratulate all members of Park School for their success in our latest inspection.’

Forfar CEO, John Forsyth, said: ‘I was thrilled to read the inspectors’ comments about Park School’s pupils’ social awareness, collaborative interaction skills, their readiness to celebrate the achievements of others and their strong moral understanding and emotional maturity.’

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