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The Comfort Book, By Matt Haig (Ages 14+)

Author of The Midnight Library, Matt Haig brings us yet another triumph. His manual of reflections, essays and vignettes of our stressful world gives the reader consolation and new ways of seeing the world. Haig’s writing is accessible, unique and painfully honest. Canongate Books, £16.99

A Marvellous Light, By Freya Marske (Ages 16+)

Step into this historical fiction with Robin Blyth, a young baron whose world is turned upside down by the revelation of a secret magical society. An Edwardian queer love story filled with magic. What more could you want to escape from reality? Tor, £16.99

Cancel This Book, By Dan Kovalik (Ages 16+)

In this progressive book, the author examines the phenomenon of ‘cancel’ culture, and how its attempt to be inclusive has created a one-sided echo chamber of similar opinions. Ultimately he labels ‘cancelling’ as counter-productive and destructive. Hot Books, £18.99


Feisty Tales

I Am Not Your Baby Mother (Ages 16+)

Candice Brathwaite shares her journey as a black British mother. Quercus Publishing, £8.99

The Underground Railroad (Ages 16+)

Colson Whitehead’s fantastic book about runaway slaves is now a knockout Amazon Prime series. Antebellum American fiction at its best. Little, Brown Book Group, £8.99

Dune (Ages 12+)

Get ahead of the big-screen release of Frank Herbert’s science-fiction novel set on the feudal, drought-ridden planet of Arrakis. Hodder & Stoughton, £9.99

Inspirational Stories

Arctic Star (Ages 8+)

Tom Palmer writes a WWII naval adventure story inspired by the Navy convoys through the Arctic in language more accessible for dyslexics. Barrington Stoke, £6.99

Who the hell is? Series (Ages 15+)

Jargon-free books talk about the ideas of the world’s greatest thinkers, including Kant, Plato and Melanie Klein. Who the hell is…? £10.99

Adventure Revolution: The Life-Changing Power of Choosing Challenge (All ages)

Belinda Kirk’s adventure book inspires positive transformation of our physical and mental selves. Little, Brown Book Group, £14.99

Planet Know-How

The Deep Blue (All ages)

Charlotte Guillain and illustrator Lou Baker Smith explore the effects of global warming and plastic pollution in an adventure to the depths of the sea. QED Publishing, £12.99

A Robot Called B4 (Ages 7-11)

Worcester Bosch’s book inspires children to take care of the environment. Two friends travel to the prehistoric era with a friendly robot named B4. Download for free.

The Encyclopedia of Unbelievable Facts (Ages 7–9)

Jane Wilsher and illustrator Louise Lockhart discover weird and random facts about space, science, history. Quarto, £17.99

Young Nourished Minds

The Sad Skeleton (Ages 4-11) 

Kay Brophy has created the Finding Your Way series to encourage children to understand and release their emotions instead of bottling it up. Middle Farm Press, £14.99

Who’s That I Hear? (Ages 4-7)

DJ Hill brings children a sleep aid empowering them to find no fear in the things that go bump in the night. Lucky Chicken Productions LLC, £10.35

Temper, Temper Tamarin (Teenagers) 

Focussing on emotional growth, self-awareness and social awareness, Farid Haque’s Talking Up series begins with Tamarin learning to control his anger. Erly Stage Studios Ltd, £6.99


Mushy Peas 

St Mary’s Calne girls have created this fun-filled card game to raise your spirits by doing silly things. Play it on the app or print it.

Step: Your world

The app which lets you track where you’ve been for your culture fix, delicious dinner or a boujee stopover.


Organise, host and find new clubs and kickstart your re-entry into real life through book clubs, sports teams or picnics in the park.

Nike Run Club

Here to get you out of your comfort zone on guided runs of all lengths, types and efforts with fantastic playlists to keep you going.

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