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Capturing Croydon Encourages School Children to Compete with Cameras

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The Capturing Croydon Competition, a borough-wide initiative led by The Whitgift Foundation and sponsored by the Croydon Partnership, brought together 146 schoolchildren from local primary schools to try their eye at photography.

Each class took part in a workshop led by a professional photographer and geographer. They were given cameras to explore different aspects of Croydon through a photographic lens; from the historic landmarks to the exciting new developments happening in Croydon, Capturing Croydon is inspiring local schools to engage with and be curious about their evolving surroundings. The six schools involved include All Saints Primary School, Atwood Primary Academy, Howard Primary, Fairchildes Primary School, Beaumont Primary School and St Peter’s Primary School.

Martin Corney, Chief Executive of the Whitgift Foundation said: ‘It’s fantastic to see how these young Croydon-ites have responded to the workshops. Some have focused on the history of the borough from the 400-year-old Whitgift Almshouses and the 12th century Old Palace of John Whitgift School. Others, however, have captured the community, from people walking through side streets to market sellers in Surrey Street Market. The images bring together a collective history of Croydon, and show the youth of today are beginning to understand their sense of place in Croydon today.’

capturing croydon
An image taken by a child from Howard Primary, Croydon © The Whitgift Foundation
An image taken by a child from Fairchildes Primary, Croydon © The Whitgift Foundation
capturing croydon
An image taken by a child from Atwood Primary, Croydon © The Whitgift Foundation

Though the winner won’t be announced until 3 July, 30 children and their photographs (a few of which are showcased above) have been shortlisted.

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