David Wingfield, Headmaster at Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep for boys, tells us about his school’s wellbeing and happiness drive.

Mr David Wingfield and Pre-Prep boys, with Obi, the Eaton House Schools’ Wellbeing dog, providing support and encouragement for all the children

As we are coming to what we hope will be the final term with full COVID policy, we have become aware, as never before, of how valuable School Rules are and have been for binding pupils together in common purpose and, now, creating a softer landing on the return to school.

Many boys, having been out of the routine of face-to-face teaching have embraced these rules again gratefully – the enthusiasm with which ‘lining up in alphabetical order’ was embraced by Year 1 boys in the first few days back being a comical example. Other rules may have needed further reinforcement, but all boys understand that respect for the rules, and the values that underpin them, provide the foundations for a harmonious, purposeful and happy community here. 

At Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep for boys aged 4-8, our School Rules exist for a simple reason, supported by an Anti-Bullying Policy and day-to-day pastoral care: we believe that every boy is entitled to have access to a safe and happy learning environment in which they can thrive.  All of our policies are published on our website so that both parents and children can feel secure in the knowledge of the rules, boundaries and courses of action that can be taken.

We are more ambitious than simply stopping our boys from engaging in behaviour that is wrong or distracting to others. We want to shape our boys’ character positively for the future and to help them to become outstanding gentlemen – an old-fashioned concept with a very modern relevance – fathers, employees and citizens, taking them from classroom to career. They do this best by having respect for their own and others’ feelings and understanding the impact that their words and actions may have on others.  

The School Rules are posted in most classrooms and dotted around the school. They are:


1. Be Kind

• Take care not to hurt others when playing

• Always tell the truth

• Say sorry if you upset someone

• Think about other people’s feelings

2. Be Polite

• Remember to say please and thank you

• Hold doors open for teachers and visitors

• Arrive on time for school and lessons

• Remember your table manners at lunch

3. Be Careful

• Line up quietly when asked to

• Walk sensibly in the corridors

• Make sure a teacher knows where you are at all times

4. Be Tidy

• Pick up litter in the playground

• Look after your own and other people’s belongings

5. Be Smart

• Wear your blazer and cap to and from school

• Keep your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up

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