Shackleton’s Lost Ship, The Endurance
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Shackleton’s Lost Ship, The Endurance

Endurance: James Caird
The James Caird in The Laboratory at Dulwich College

Reports from the BBC and other news channels have confirmed that Sir Ernest Shackleton’s lost vessel, the Endurance, has been found on the bottom of the Weddell Sea. According to marine archaeologist Mensun Bound, who is on the discovery expedition along with historian Dan Snow, the Endurance is in a ‘brilliant state of preservation‘. Nothing on the wreck has been touched or retrieved as it is protected by the Antarctic Treaty. 

With news of the discovery, there has been interest from local and national news crews asking permission to interview Keeper of the Archives, Calista Lucy, and Archivist, Freddie Witts, and to film Shackleton’s rescue vessel, the James Caird, in its centre-stage location in The Laboratory at Dulwich College

Keeper of the Archives, Calista Lucy being interviewed by Sky News

Enquiries and interest from members of the public to visit the James Caird have increased during Shackleton’s centenary year, and the College has recently welcomed the Chilean Ambassador, and historian Dan Snow ahead of his #Endurance22 expedition, as well as visitors from the local area and further afield. 

If you would like to visit the James Caird, public visits are offered at 11.30am on Fridays (term-time only). To book, please contact Reception at [email protected]

Visit for more information about the James Caird and Dulwich College alumnus Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. 

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