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The Recipe for Success for Prospective Scholars

Simply Learning Tuition will clarify, direct and elevate your child’s scholarship chances.

Simply Learning Tuition
Simply Learning Tuition will enrich your child’s scholarship application

Navigating the diversity and complexity of independent school scholarship awards can prove to be very stressful — and unfortunately more often than not futile — without the support of an experienced professional. Simply Learning Tuition, one of London’s most trusted private tutor agencies and education consultancies, can transform the ordeal into a rewarding experience that invigorates your child’s scholarship application — and their education on the whole — with confidence and passion.

A Strong Foundation

Almost all scholars, whether they are prospective art, music, drama or sport candidates, are expected to do better than their peers in admissions tests and have a glowing report, as well as impressing at interview, auditions and assessment days; but an agency like Simply Learning Tuition will add extra ingredients that you may not have realised were missing. 

Self-motivation and enthusiasm are key and these can be fired by visits to the schools. This is why, as a starting point, education consultants at Simply Learning Tuition prioritise the facilitation of these through their school advice service. As a result, with the child’s chosen pathway becoming more tangible, finetuning their expertise becomes less demanding and more fulfilling.

Among many other pieces of abiding advice, it is an unspoken but inflexible rule that excellent academics are highly relevant for all scholarships, whether the schools mention it or not. Keep in mind that asking for guidance, and if it is required, starting with supplementary tutoring, early will ensure consistent academic attainment across the board and reduce pressure at exam time. The best starting point is usually two to three years before the scholarship exams.

Reinforce Wisely

If a child’s prep school teacher has recommended to Simply Learning Tuition that one of their pupils apply for a scholarship, parents may not know how best to support their child at home. This is why consultants will assess your child before beginning the application process to identify strengths and weaknesses. Short periods of tuition can solve any deal breaking difficulties, such as an unrefined exam technique, that may otherwise have flown under the radar at school; this can make all the difference with even just a few weeks to go.

All boys and girls, including the most talented, will benefit from a level playing field when it comes to jumping the final hurdle. Though Simply Learning Tuition don’t endorse scripting or even rehearsing interviews, by informally conversing with prospective scholars, tutors aim to simulate scenarios, pique curiosity and engage a child in challenging, in-depth discussions.

Fostering academic excellence and self-confidence, as well as intellectual energy in your child, to the extent that they themselves take up the role of quiz master over the dinner table, is the secret recipe for scholarly success.

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