South Hampstead High School makes poppies for Remembrance Day
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South Hampstead High School makes poppies for Remembrance Day

With many of The Royal British Legion’s volunteers unable to carry out face-to-face collections for the Poppy Appeal due to Covid-19 this year, South Hampstead High School students are helping out by making flowering poppies, using special biodegradable paper embedded with wild flower seeds.

To raise funds for the charity, pupils have assembled hundreds of zero-plastic poppies using biodegradable glue. After being worn, the handmade poppies can be soaked in water then planted in soil, growing back as flowers. 

‘We couldn’t go on playdates or go anywhere, so we set up a production line at home,’ said Izzy Ions, 12, who made over 100 poppies at home over half term with her two sisters, who also attend South Hampstead . ‘It was really good fun and I’m glad to be able to support the Poppy Appeal. We’ve planted some of the off-cuts, so I’m looking forward to seeing them grow in spring.’ 

Design and technology teacher, Ms Poppy Pearce, commented, ‘Our pupils have been really motivated to help fundraise for the Poppy Appeal during these difficult times. This project engages the girls on many levels… they are very enthused by sustainability issues and are always inspired to come up with better design solutions. These poppies are a wonderful tribute to those who made sacrifices in the war and provide a welcome symbol of hope for a better future.’

Before lockdown, a limited number of the special poppies were available from nearby shops, in a bid to help support local businesses. The poppies are currently available from Barista coffee shop on Finchley Road, who are still open for takeaways. The school community can order the poppies and donate online. 

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