Taunton School has opened a new library containing 25,000 books as part of a project to enhance the school’s facilities.

The Carrington Library, located in the school’s 19th century building in Somerset, follows the opening of a new sixth from centre, with both projects costing a total of £675k.

Head student Isabel Hogevold said: ‘The new library has seamlessly integrated modern 21st century learning with the history and heritage of our school.

‘It’s a great work environment that is fully equipped for all our academic needs and will be appreciated for many years to come.’

Taunton School opens their new library
Taunton School opens their new library

Terry Harris, Head of Estates at Taunton School, said: ‘We are delighted with the new library, which adds a modern, light and airy aspect to our historic 19th century building.

‘The library gives the students a place to study along with access to a huge variety of books to aid their learning and to enjoy in their free time.’

The Carrington Library is named after John Carrington, Head of English and Deputy Head of Taunton School, who retired in 2001.

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