Teenagers Attempt to KPC
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Teenagers Attempt to KPC

(Keep Parents Clueless)

A guide on internet acronyms for parents, written by a parent.

It will be no surprise that research shows that the majority of teenagers now believe that their parents are keeping tabs on their online and social media lives.  As a result, a number of acronyms are now used in order to hide certain parts of conversations. Codes such as POS – Parent over Shoulder – or GNOC – Get Naked on Camera – are some such examples. Unfortunately it is not possible to keep up to date with the numerous acronyms that are being created, and as attentive parents, we could drive ourselves insane trying to decode text or emails that are being sent or received.  Still if parents are coming across any acronyms that they believe could be problematic, it would be best to search its meaning online and discuss it with their children.  This will show that you are paying attention and are becoming aware.

Other Internet acronyms you might not know:

PIR – Parents in room

NIFOC – Naked in front of computer

LMIRL – Lets meet in real life

BRB – Be right back

Broken – hungover from alcohol

KOTL – Kiss on the lips

KPC – Keeping Parents Clueless

Article by Dr Neelam Parmar, director of E-Learning at Ashford School. 

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