'The 6' Opens for Sixth Formers at St Catherine's, Bramley
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‘The 6’ Opens for Sixth Formers at St Catherine’s, Bramley

St Catherine’s School, Bramley has recently opened its new sixth form centre, The 6.

The 6

In Spring 2021, a brand new building for Sixth Form girls opened at St Catherine’s School, Bramley offering modern, vibrant boarding accommodation and a huge Common Room, a place for day girls and boarders to relax and recharge. 

The Sixth Form offers you a transition to university life. Pupils will be guided and encouraged in their studies, but free to schedule their work and pursue their interests. They will have the support of their teachers and a dedicated sixth form tutor, careers and UCAS support, but also an increasing amount of autonomy and responsibility.

Uniquely in the U6 at St Catherine’s every girl is given a leadership position. Be that a Subject Mentor, helping younger girls grasp their Chemistry homework; a Music Prefect leading concerts and ensembles; or a Head Boarder supporting the global boarding community. 

The Sixth Form at St Catherine’s is very much a transition from school to higher education. Students have more freedom: managing their own time, wearing their own clothes (with suits saved for more formal occasions), and making a genuine and significant contribution to the running of the School and their House and being role models for the younger girls. 

Before the girls know it two years have flown by and they are heading to University or a career choice. They will also benefit from a very strong alumnae and parent network – the Association – ready and able to welcome them to University and support them in their career. 

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