It’s that time of year again, coats are going on and woolly socks are more than necessary, so why not add some dinosaur inspired pyjamas to the mix?

Pyjama brand Desmond & Dempsey has partnered with the world-class institution, the Natural History Museum to design a limited-edition Jurassic-inspired collection.

Launching Sunday 3rd October, the Epic Dino Collection features classic children’s signature sets and nappy covers (6-months+) in three epic dinosaur prints, as well as PJs for men and women, meaning that the whole family can be decked out! 

With prints featuring Jurassic jungle shades and prehistoric sunset hues, the Desmond & Dempsey team worked closely with the Natural History Museum to leaf through the archives and vintage books to create the three different designs.

The ‘Dippy’ print, a pencil-drawn, leaf-laden Diplodocus feasting on fauna. The ‘T. rex’, featuring a roaring T.rex roaming amongst palm trees. The ‘Card Collector’, reminiscent of collectable dinosaurs and museum signage, complete with phonetic spellings.