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Cheltenham College

By Coby F

4 months ago

Address: Cheltenham College, Bath Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 7LD
Website: cheltenhamcollege.org
Founded: 1841
Number of Pupils: 740
Ages: 13-18
Fees: Cheltenham College (Age 13-18) £33,990 – £46,500 per year depending on year group and  boarding option
Head Teacher: Mrs Nicola Huggett
Religious Affiliation: Cheltenham College is based on Christian foundations, and we welcome all faiths. Chapel is  central to College life and routine, where the whole community attend talks by pupils, chaplains  and members of staff five times per week. The purpose of morning Chapel is to develop pupil’s  values of justice, peace, compassion, forgiveness, love and integrity.
Entrance Procedure: Cheltenham College is selective with entry at 13+ and 16+. 
Contact: Admissions (Simon Conner, Registrar)
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: To book a visit, please email [email protected]

The Curriculum

Teaching staff inspire self-understanding and self-confidence within the classroom and academic  ambition is demonstrated in successful exam results. In 2023, the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) found the College ‘Excellent in All Areas’.

Games & the Arts

The arts including Music, Drama and Art are central to the life of Cheltenham College. College is  one of the strongest schools nationally in a wide cross-section of sports and benefits from top level sports professionals and coaches. 

Pastoral Care

‘Pupils display high levels of self-understanding, self-esteem and self-confidence within the  classroom and more widely around the school.’ – ISI, 2023.  

Cheltenham College have supportive policies and structures in place to promote health and well being and are committed to ensuring all pupils and staff maintain physical, mental and emotional  health. We are a community who support and help each other deal with the difficulties in life and  celebrate personal successes.

University Places

Last year, our pupils placed at 49 different UK institutions including prestigious UK universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

We pride ourselves on going beyond parent expectations and in doing so, our pupils to achieve  above their expectations of themselves. We aim to go beyond acquaintances to friendships,  beyond inclusion to belonging. Your child belongs here and a part of here, will belong, always and  forever, to your child. 

Outstanding Characteristics

Families with children who could choose to, come to Cheltenham College. Why is that? What is it  that puts the school somehow beyond and above others? With a brilliant reputation for academic 

excellence and developing pupils beyond the classroom, Cheltenham College is one of the  country’s leading co-educational independent schools, blending its rich history with modern  facilities and technologies.