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Greene’s College Oxford

By Coby F

2 years ago

Greene's College Oxford
Address: 45 Pembroke Street, Oxford OX1 1BP
Website: www.greenesoxford.com
Founded: 1967
Number of Pupils: 77
Ages: 16+
Fees: Supplementary tuition: £75 per hour, Full-time sixth form: £8,250 – £22,450
Head Teacher: Mrs Carmen Dare, Principal
Religious Affiliation: None
Entrance Procedure: Non-selective, conditional to an interview with the College Principal to understand the student’s educational goals.
Contact: Dr. Georgina Bartlett, Academic Registrar
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Individual appointments are available on request.

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The Curriculum

Greene’s is a specialist sixth from college in U.K. education – especially GCSE & A levels first time and retake – offering a unique blend of high-quality, individual, and small group tuition.

Games & the Arts

Alongside a variety of enriching clubs, including the Student Social Committee, Debating, and Wellbeing, students can also attend the Oxford Union. Previous speakers include Morgan Freeman and Sir Ian McKellen.

Pastoral Care

Greene’s Leadership programme offers group seminars in a range of academic and extra-curricular topics to provide students with insight into areas that they otherwise might not have explored. The course seeks to diversify the subjects included in the academic provision at the college – and to ensure that students are challenged, collaboratively and continually, by new and exciting ideas and prospects.

 University Places

70% of students enter G5 and Russell Group universities.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

At Greene’s, our philosophy is based on one simple assumption: if a student’s education is tailored to their unique qualities and needs, they are more likely to be successful. Our approach to education is based on the tutorial method, fostering self-confidence and independence to prepare students for high-ranking universities.

Outstanding Characteristics

Greene’s style of learning is defined by one-to-one tuition, taught in the Socratic method, with an emphasis on independent study. It allows us to support students with cultivating critical thinking and independent learning skills. These skills will prepare students for the transition from A levels to university life.