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Simply Learning Tuition

By Coby F

3 years ago

Address: 17 Kensington Court Place, W8 5BJ
Website: www.simplylearningtuition.co.uk
Founded: 2009
Ages: All ages from prenursery up to young professionals

  • Hour of tuition in person or online: £76-£130
  • Residential tuition per day: £370
  • University or SAT tutor: £116
  • Homeschooling per month: £4,000
  • Education path planning session: £250 (or £350 if we come to you)
  • School placements range from £3,500 to £15,000 depending on the age of the child
  • Academic Assessment: £500
  • Mentoring per term: £3,000

Founder: Nathaniel McCullagh
Religious Affiliation: None
Entrance Procedure: Registration fee (for life and all siblings) and initial consultation with an education consultant £125
Contact: +44 (0)20 7350 1981
Email: [email protected]

Recent Scholarships

Through our school placement service pupils have gained scholarships to Harrow, Winchester, Oxford & LSC.

Founder’s Philosophy

Nathaniel has a strong belief that each child’s education should be right for them, beyond any pressures of keeping up with the crowd. If that requires a school move, a period of homeschooling, or a mentor to get them back on track, then he believes it should be done.

Outstanding Characteristics

SLT has helped over 3,000 families access high-quality, confidence-boosting private tuition for their children. The tutors they work with deliver more than 50,000 hours of tuition each year to families in London and around the world. They also provide academic assessments, schools advice, and helpful information about the UK schools system.