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Bridal Jewellery: How to Style your Look for the Big Day

William & Son has the perfect new collection...

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The royal nuptials have got everyone thinking about bridal style – and bridal jewellery in particular. Here, we team up with the experts at William & Son to help you style the bridal look of your dreams…

William & Son Novastella Collection

William & Son

When it comes to bridal style, the devil is in the detail – so make sure your bridal jewellery is the perfect accessory to the dress on your big day. We’ve spoken to the experts at William & Son to get some insider styling tips, as we introduce their new Novastella collection (which might just be the answer to your wedding prayers…).

What is the recipe for creating a cohesive and memorable bridal look? Country & Town House’s Contributing Fashion Editor Nicole Smallwood has styled many a bridal look, and is even preparing for some nuptials of her own, so is perfectly placed to give us her insider knowledge. 

‘Choosing your jewellery is as important as picking your dress, as those final touches can make or break your look. Simple and elegant is always best, with diamonds being the perfect choice to complement your wedding gown. Finer delicate pieces would be my top trip as to not detract from your dress or you for that matter on your big day. Don’t be afraid to then layer for a more striking evening look.’

William & Son Novastella Collection

18ct White Gold Diamond Necklace

There’s nothing more classic than beautifully-set diamonds to complement your bridal look. So, what do the experts at William & Son have up their sleeves?

William & Son‘s second Bridal collection has just launched, and it’s already top of every bride-to-be’s wish-list. The story behind the collection matches the levels of romance expected from a wedding. Taking inspiration from astronomy, William & Son’s head designers were immediately taken with the idea of the Nova Stella, which is created when two systems come together to form a new star. Cosmically speaking, it’s nature’s version of two lovers coming together in marriage, and this rare celestial event is what lies behind William & Son’s new collection.

William & Son Novastella Collection

18ct White Gold Diamond Drop Bangle;

‘Novastella celebrates the impassioned collision of paths that brings two lovers together in marriage – just like a new star, burning bright and illuminating their new journey in life as one’

In typical William & Son style, the various pieces of the Novastella collection are contemporary classics with a twist. The diamond-encrusted white gold bracelets, earrings and necklaces worn together twinkle like the stars in a constellation. The sheer amount of light each diamond emanates is exceptional, meaning even the understated bride who chooses to wear just one piece from the collection will dazzle on the big day. 

William & Son Novastella Collection

18ct White Gold Diamond Earrings

William & Son’s Gemologist Clémence Devaux and Head of Jewellery Design Nicola Sanderson give us their view on bridal style…

‘When Clémence and I first started to think about developing a bridal collection, we were focused on understated elegance with a modern twist, a design that would have longevity. We started to think about the journey of two people coming together and the radiance that emanates from a couple at the beginning of their marriage. Where better to look for inspiration than to the stars? It was whilst reading about an astronomical event where two systems come together, increasing in brightness as they do so, that resonated.’

William & Son Novastella Collection

William & Son

‘With that in mind, the pear-shaped diamonds radiate like a burst of light from the round brilliant cuts from which they hang, articulating them added softness and a means of catching more light through movement. We feel that it is the perfect suite for a special day as it would complement any wedding dress, but would also become your go-to pieces for the rest of your life.’

To be able to create stunning bridal jewellery that has longevity and can even be worn beyond the big day is a mean feat, indeed, and William & Son’s experts have undoubtedly succeeded. That’s one less worry ahead of the big day…

An original photoshoot of the William & Son bridal jewellery collection. Photographer: Neal Grundy @ Adrenalin Photographic / Fashion Director: Nicole Smallwood

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