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Shooting: What to Wear for Men

With the shooting season well underway, we team up with William & Son to tell you what to wear in the field this season

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William & Son’s team of experts have shared their top tips and advice so if you’re new to shooting, don’t let the dress code put you off. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that will help you pick the perfect looks and accessories for a seriously stylish shoot…

When it comes to dressing for the field, the quest for style shouldn’t override the practicalities the sport requires. You should always include eye and ear protection, a hat and practical footwear in your shoot wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean fashion can’t be on the agenda, too.

Here, we pick from William & Son’s new Country Clothing collection to tell you how to ensure sartorial success on your next shoot, no matter how you perform in the fields. All of the items from their collections are technical yet stylish, so you’re sure to raise the style stakes when you take aim. Remember to check for specific dress codes with your host, and as a rule Guns wear brown or green. The rest is a matter of personal style…

What to Wear on a Shoot: Men

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Look One: Field Shooting When it’s Very Cold

TOP TIP: ‘If it is cooler, use layers to keep yourself warm, it is easier to cool down than try to warm yourself up.’

What to Wear shooting for men

Pictured: Ripon Field Coat, £795Ripon Breeks, £425V Neck Cashmere Jumper, £335Grid Check Shooting Shirt, £125Merino Wool Garter Ties, £15Merino Blend Shooting Socks, £45, Le Chameau Vierzonord Neoprene Boot, £170Woven Diagonal Twill Flying Ducks Motif Tie, £85Ripon Cap, £65, MSA Supreme Ear Defenders, £195, Ripon Waistcoat, £425

For game shoots in the colder months, you’ll need a warm and waterproof field coat for your pursuits. Deep pockets for spare cartridges and enough room to swing your gun are key considerations when investing. Leave enough space for plenty of warm layers underneath, too. Matching breeks, waistcoat and jacket is a must, but don’t hesitate to ask your host when in doubt.

TOP TIP: ‘After the shoot, speak with your host to determind if jackets and ties are appropriate’

Look Two: Field Shooting in Warmer Weather

Shooting outfit warmer weather for men

Pictured: Ripley Waistcoat, £395Wool Shooting Socks, £85Merino Wool Garter, £15Ripley Breeks, £395Grid Check Shooting Shirt, £125Dubarry Galway Boots, £329Woven Diagonal Twill Orange Cartridge Motif Tie, £85, Cartridge Bag, £275, Ripley Cap, £65, V Neck Cashmere Jumper, £335

When the weather is warmer, wear lighter layers that you can remove during the shoot. A waistcoat is perfect to free your arms and keep your body warm. Accessories can be added to suit the occasion; a tweed flat cap is traditional for game shoots, opt for brown here so it will go with any variation of your shooting wardrobe.

TOP TIP: ‘Wear good shooting gloves. Ours are Kevlar lined so even when it’s warm, or if you are on a busy peg, it stops you burning your hands on hot barrels.’

Look Three: A Stylish Spectator

/what to wear to watch shooting

Pictured: Kintbury Quilted Reversible Coat, £650Le Chameau Chasseur Boots, £340Zip Turtle Neck Jumper, £280Suede Gloves, £200Stetson Hamlin Hat, £130, Merino Socks, £45, Midnight Arran Cashmere Scarf, £140

Not going near the guns? You can still look the part. Opt for browns and greens and keep warmth and comfort at the top of your wish list. Waterproof boots with warm cashmere socks are a must, along with cosy knits and a country coat.

Look Four: Afternoon Tea or Dinner

What to wear to shooting dinner for men

Pictured: V Neck Jumper, £270Grenson for William and Son Fred Boots, £495Plain Shooting Shirt, £125Linton Breeks, £425Linton Jacket, £650Sabina Savage The Pheasant Tree Pocket Square, £80, Cashmere Socks, £170

TOP TIP: ‘Make sure you have some fresh clothes for after the shoot, in case you got wet, although there is often a fire to toast yourself by, but also because the dress code is slightly different; you don’t need to wear the full shooting gear then, but a more country attire.’

While each shoot has a slightly different dress code, opting for country classic attire is a good start for the afternoon tea or dinner meet. Add some flair with a printed pocket square or a fun silk tie. For more casual arrangements, lace up boots will be a great all-day choice, and will fit nicely in to your town wardrobe as a bonus.

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