Best Barre Classes In London For 2024

By Ellie Smith

3 weeks ago

Where to pulse, plie and plank in the capital

Barre has been an integral part of ballerinas’ training for hundreds of years. But in recent years, the ballet barre has inspired a whole new method of exercise which is loved by dancers and non-dancers alike. Barre fitness has exploded over the past decade, particularly in London, where you’ll find some of the world’s top studios. The high-intensity, low-impact type of exercise is notorious for its burn factor, and works to strengthen and tone muscles, boost flexibility and improve posture. So where are the best places to try it in the capital? Read on for a guide to barre in London.

London’s Top Barre Studios

What Is Barre?

Taking its name from the ballet barre used by dancers, barre combines ballet-inspired exercises with elements of strength training and Pilates for a full-body workout. It focuses on high repetitions of both full and small range movements, as well as isometric holds, with some exercises incorporating the barre itself. Expect plies, lunges, push ups, planks and more, utilising small weights, balls and bands. The style of classes differ from studio to studio, but usually you’ll go through all the muscle groups, working the upper body, lower body and core to fatigue – getting that signature shake along the way.

‘Barre’s appeal spans generations and fitness levels, offering a low-impact yet high-intensity workout that delivers results without the wear and tear,’ says Paola Di Lanzo, founder of London studio Paola’s Body Barre. ‘This dance-inspired workout offers a graceful path to strength, flexibility and confidence, sculpting bodies and minds with every pulsing movement.’


  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Increases mind-body connection
  • Enhances balance
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Improves cardio endurance

Best Barre Studios In London

Paola’s Body Barre

Paola's Body Barre

Expect to be put through your paces at Paola’s Body Barre, a unique method which combines barre, Pilates and yoga. Created by the aforementioned trailblazing Aussie fitness queen Paola di Lanzo, the Fulham studio has a long list of celebrity fans, who rave about the transformative effects of its challenging yet fun classes. Begin with the Signature class before ramping things up with Burn, which ups the ante by interspersing periods of cardio throughout (think jump squats and mountain climbers). The studio is located in Fulham but you can also try PBB classes at KXU and KX in Chelsea, as well as Studio Fix in Kensington. PBB is also launching into MAD in Mayfair later this month.

Where? Fulham and KXU in Chelsea



This boutique studio on Northcote Road in Clapham is not only beautiful, it offers some of the best barre classes in town (alongside yoga and Pilates). Rather than offering a set style, an array of top teachers bring their own take on barre across two 45-minute class types: Tone and Burn. The former is a feel-good, sculpting class, while Burn kicks things up a notch with higher repetitions and less breaks. There’s a friendly, inclusive feel and you’ll always leave feeling like you’ve had a good workout.

Where? Clapham



For years Psycle offered just spinning classes, but recently the hit London studio added barre into the mix. Word of warning: these are some of the toughest barre classes you’ll do – expect a modern take on traditional barre which offers a serious burn. Classes on offer include the Signature 55, the targeted Abs & Arms or Lower Body Sculpt, and the notoriously difficult Deep Burn, which involves longer holds, heavier weights and no rest (not one for beginners!). 

Where? Oxford Circus, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Victoria




Famous for sculpting the bodies of everyone from Pippa Middleton to Rita Ora, Barrecore is a hybrid of ballet, Pilates and yoga, designed to tone, lengthen and strengthen. There are studios dotted all over London in places like Chelsea, Mayfair and Islington – but whichever one you go to, you can expect the same signature barre style, which includes 55 minutes of floor and barre exercises targeting every muscle in the body. You’ll use your own bodyweight, along with balls, bands and small weights to achieve that famous Barrecore shake – but don’t worry, there’s stretching incorporated too, so you’ll leave feeling lengthened and strong. Choose from an array of different class formats, from Signature to Glide, which incorporates sliders, and Sweat, which throws some cardio bursts in there.

Where? Chelsea, Chiswick, Wandsworth, Islington, Kensington, Wandsworth, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Wimbledon


Disco Barre


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For something a bit different, try Disco Barre in Dalston, a New York-inspired studio which teaches The Lotte Berk Technique – the original barre class. Expect a hardcore workout to the soundtrack of club music: underground disco, house, boogie, funk, you name it. Sessions include choreographed sequences which combine elements of ballet with strength training – think circular movements, isometric holds, pulses and more. After something more chilled? Opt for the Disco Barre Flow, Floor and Restore class, a mindfully moving, floor-based class which ends with a series of deep restorative, myofascial release stretches.

Where? Dalston



Renowned for its fun, feel-good approach to fitness, Frame offers barre classes across its studios, which are dotted all over London in places like Victoria and Angel. Suitable for beginners – but with progressions for more seasoned barre-goers – classes combine aerobics with barre-style exercises which target the glutes, quads, core, upper body and back. With upbeat playlists and friendly instructors, Frame is another great option for barre in London.

Where? Shoreditch, King’s Cross, Victoria, Hammersmith, Angel