What Is CorePower Yoga? (& How To Sign Up For A Class)

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

Your guide to America's biggest yoga empire

Keen to sneak in more sun salutations in your everyday routine? If you’re based in the US, you’re in luck; you likely have one of the world’s largest yoga studio chains on your doorstep. Here’s everything you need to know about CorePower Yoga, including how to sign up for your next class.

A Comprehensive Guide To CorePower Yoga

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What Is CorePower Yoga?

CorePower Yoga is the largest yoga studio chain in the US, with over 220 locations set up across 22 states.

Who Owns CorePower Yoga?

CorePower Yoga is currently owned by San Francisco-based private equity TSG Consumer Partners, who bought the fitness franchise from L Catterton in 2019.

What Classes Do They Offer?

Studios specialise in various forms of yoga, with classes spanning from restorative and Vinyasa to hot yoga and cardio combinations. CorePower Yoga classes are designed to suit a variety of levels, including beginners. Classes are ranked from low to high intensity – but keep an eye out for added heat, which can sometimes make classes feel harder. You can see the full list of class types below:

Foundational/Beginner Levels
  • C1 – CorePower 1: A fundamental Vinyasa flow class, this session explores the fundamental principles and postures of Vinyasa yoga | low intensity / no added heat
  • C1.5 – CorePower 1.5: An advanced beginner Vinyasa yoga class designed to help with the transition from C1 to C2.
All Levels
  • CR – Core Restore: A restorative yoga class designed to reboot and rebuild, with a focus on holding postures, stretching and breathing | low intensity / no added heat
  • C2 – CorePower 2: This is a more challenging Vinyasa flow class with a moderate intensity and heat level | moderate intensity / moderate heat
  • YS – Yoga Sculpt: A combination of yoga, cardio and strength moves, Yoga Sculpt uses weights and focuses on moves that boost metabolism and help build muscle | high intensity / moderate heat
  • YSB – Yoga Sculpt Body Weight: A combination of yoga, cardio and strength moves, Yoga Sculpt Body Weight does not use weights but focuses on moves that boost metabolism and help build muscle | high intensity / moderate heat
  • HY – Hot Yoga: 
  • HPF – Hot Power Fusion: Cranking up the heat, this class promises a blend of hot and power yoga | moderate intensity / high heat
  • Meditation: Expect a sweaty yoga class with this session, where you work on stillness, repetition and deep meditation| low intensity / high heat
  • C3 – CorePower 3: This is the highest level Vinyasa class available at the studio, and is designed for advanced practitioners | high intensity / moderate heat
  • CSX – CorePower Strength X: Designed to get your heart pumping, this high-intensity strength training workout is teamed up with energising breathwork for a super sweaty session | high intensity / no added heat

You can read more about the different classes on offer here.

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How Hot Is CorePower Yoga?

The temperature of each class depends on the heat intensity level. During C1 classes, for example, the heat starts at 85°F (with no humidity), with classes getting hotter the more advanced they are – C1.5 starts at 90°F (with added humidity), C2 can reach between 93°F and 98°F and so on.

As expected, HY (or Hot Yoga) is one of the hottest classes, with sessions set to a toasty 105°F.

How Long Are Classes?

Classes range from 30 minutes to an hour, but may vary depending on the intensity level.

How To Sign Up

You can sign up for memberships and individual classes (through class packs) at CorePower Yoga, although note that prices vary depending on the studio. You can sign up to classes via the studio’s website, corepoweryoga.com

How Much Is CorePower Yoga Membership?

Good news for new members: first-timers can get their hands on a free week of unlimited classes at CorePower Yoga, which includes access to all studios, classes and class types.

And if you enjoyed your first week, you can sign up for the Intro Month Membership, which includes a discounted first month with rates starting as low as $99 a month.

Regular membership, aka All Access Membership, varies from studio to studio – but it includes access to over 200 studios and unlimited online classes, as well as additional perks like a monthly buddy pass and special discounts.

How Much Is A CorePower Yoga Class?

As is the case with membership, individual class prices depend on the studio – but single classes seem to be around $30 to $40 on average. Classes can purchased in Studio Class Packs, in packs of one, five, 10, 20, 30 and 50, that can be redeemed on a date of your choosing.

Are Discounts Available?

Yes, CorePower Yoga offers 20 percent off for eligible groups, including students, teachers, first responders, healthcare professionals, seniors, partners and the military.


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Facilities (& What To Bring)

Do Studios Provide Mats?

CorePower Yoga does not provide mats; you either need to bring your own or rent one at your chosen studio.

What To Wear

What you wear to a class is up to you – just make sure you’ll be comfortable and able to freely move along with the instructor. Workout clothes like leggings, shorts, sports bras and tops will be just fine — and typically you don’t wear shoes to CorePower Yoga sessions.

You might want to bring a towel with you though, especially if you sign up to one of the hotter classes.

Are There Showers At CorePower Yoga?

Apart from its Highlands Denver studio (which has two standalone bathrooms), every CorePower studio has showers available to use onsite. Many also have locked rooms to store you belongings, but this depends on the space and location.

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