Halo Hair Is The Biggest Trend For Curl Enthusiasts This Year
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Halo Hair Is The Biggest Trend For Curl Enthusiasts This Year

Here come the curls

Some hair trends are (unfortunately) trickier to squeeze curls into – so how do we make them shine while maintaining their overall health? Salons are seeing an uptick in curly halo hair, the cut that celebrates natural textures and shapes. Here’s how to get onboard, and style it.

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What Is Halo Hair?

‘The halo haircut, sometimes known as halo hair, is a softer sibling to the mullets and shaggy hairstyles that we’ve seen recently more,’ says Nicola Wood, a leading hair professional and founder of Hair Made Easi. ‘It embraces a natural, curved perimeter aesthetic which frames the face beautifully, creating the signature halo shape and silhouette of the haircut.’

Following in the wave of ‘natural’ beauty, which trended throughout 2023 alongside fashion’s quiet luxury, the halo haircut is about emphasising the natural features and textures of your hair through stylised shapes. ‘I think it’s gaining popularity because it incorporates elements of many different trending hair styles that we have seen recently,’ adds Nicola. ‘And, as mentioned, natural hair is a big trend for 2024 – relaxed, authentic beauty is big and this is now starting to be adapted to hair too. People are starting to embrace their natural texture and hair type and this style is all about just that. The curly halo haircut is also a softer take on the mullets and shaggy dos that we have seen over the past year and it’s almost an elevated, more unique take on a bob too. It also incorporates layers and a fringe, which is another big hair trend for the year ahead.’

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How It Looks: Curly vs Straight Hair

‘The great thing about the curly halo hair style is that it can be created by any hair type, it just may look a little different from person to person,’ says Nicola. ‘For those with straight hair, this look is basically another take on the nostalgic pageboy haircut but with a current, modern twist. However, this 70’s-inspired round cut is the hero for curly girls – the circular shape works in harmony with curls, coils, waves and kinks. Therefore this style will be more voluminous and eye-catching for those with textured hair. Those with straighter hair can add in layers to create more movement and shape or even incorporate hair extensions to add depth too.’

How To Ask For Halo Hair In The Salon (& What To Expect)

Reference images are your best friend when it comes to booking in a hair appointment. Gather a selection that showcases the parts of the hairstyle you like and want to try, so that your stylist can tailor the cut to you.

Expanding on how the haircut is achieved in the salon, Nicola explains how halo hair ‘incorporat[es] a specific set of layers and a fringe to form a halo shape that encircles the head… the hair should be cut softly into a love-heart shape to maintain width around the face. The style also includes quite a blunt fringe (made more subtle with curls), which falls from the brow down to the cheekbones and tapers into the nape of the neck.’

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Who Suits This Haircut?

Curly girls, this one’s for you. ‘While the halo haircut style can of course be adopted by all different hair types and anyone can wear it, it’s no secret that it’s perfect for naturally-textured, curly hair due to the overall shape and aesthetic,’ agrees Nicola. ‘The style really emphasises and highlights the movement of curls. Natural hair is a big trend for 2024 and this style allows those with curls and texture to embrace their authentic look. It’s a style that worships curls instead of trying to hide them and celebrates volume and depth. The halo haircut encourages you to love your natural curls, kinks or coils through shape and fullness.’

How To Style Curly Halo Hair

When it comes to styling curly halo hair, Nicola has a few tips and tricks – with her prime recommendation being optimal curl health: ‘As the halo haircut is all about creating a show-stopping, eye-catching hair style, it’s vital that you keep curls healthy to maintain a bouncy and flawless do all day long.’

She also tells us that it’s best to avoid heat where possible, as this will damage the condition of your curls. ‘My ultimate top tip for this look is to avoid heat where possible,’ she reiterates. ‘Heat is one of the biggest culprits of hair damage and can cause hair to break as well as reducing shine too. The curly halo hair style thrives off big, bouncy curls therefore you want to prevent damage at all costs… [but] if you choose to apply heat, always add a heat protectant before so that you prevent damage and frizz and start by using a diffuser on a low heat to maintain volume and texture.’

Instead, opt for heatless styling methods, like lotion and a wide tooth comb. ‘I would always recommend applying your favourite curl-defining lotion, scrunching your curls and then wrapping your hair into a gentle, microfibre hair towel to let hair air dry – I find that you will get the most defined, bouncy curls by doing so and avoiding heat,’ advises Nicola. ‘Another key tool is a wide tooth comb as curly hair can sometimes become tangled, but de-tangling with a paddle brush can often cause frizz. The curly halo style is all about maintaining defined, bouncy curls so you want to prevent frizz. A wide tooth comb is also more gentle on hair and glides through curl knots with ease.’

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