Daisy Nails: The Ultimate Springtime Manicure

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

These nail designs are in full bloom

Spring has sprung – in the salons, at least – and the manicure everyone’s keen to try this season is daisy nails. Read on for some nail inspiration, as well as tips on how to recreate the look at home.

What Are Daisy Nails?

As the name suggests, daisy nails are manicures with nail art featuring everyone’s favourite springtime bloom. Nails are dotted in daisies of all shapes and sizes, executed in various patterns and colour palettes (although the classic white petals and yellow disc typically remains centre stage).

And with spring coming up, they’re proving to be one of the most popular manicures to request at the salon this season – with Pinterest noting a 1,750 percent uptick in ‘daisy nails’ searches over the last few weeks. There’s a similar situation going on over on TikTok, where views for the search term #daisynailart has amassed over 30 million views.

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‘The act of embracing femininity has been playing a massive role in trends this year, and is evident in the latest manicure looks,’ says Nick Drewe, a trend expert and founder of WeThrift. ‘As daisies bloom around springtime, these nails are the perfect on-trend choice for your next manicure. Sticking with the classic white flower pattern is a more minimal and traditional approach to the trending design, or if you prefer a bolder look, you can make the flowers brighter in colour.’

How To Request Them At The Salon

If you like the sound of daisy nails (and why wouldn’t you?), then it might be time for a trip to your local nail bar. To request this manicure, you’re going to need to do a little research and bring in plenty of reference imagery to show your nail tech; this will help them narrow down the design you want.

How To Recreate Daisy Nails At Home

As for those of us with enough coordination to try the trend at home, you’ll need a few things to get the look: white and yellow nail polish, a base colour of your choice, a dotting tool and a fine line brush. Once you’ve applied the base of your choice, it’s just a matter of using the dotting tool and brush to create the central disc and petals.

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‘There are multiple ways to create daisies,’ explains @nailslpc.xo in a tutorial video on TikTok. ‘Let’s start with the first one. With my small dotting tool I’m going to put a dot in the centre [the yellow disc], and then with my white I’m going to do seven dots around – that’s going to give us our petals. Now with your small liner brush you want to do two small lines on the edge of each white dot [facing the central yellow dot] and then fill the gap between them, bringing the petal to the centre. It’s okay if it touches the yellow, as we’re going to go over that anyway.

‘Now for option two,’ she continues. ‘You’re gonna do five white dots with the dotting tool around a small centre space, and then with that same dotting tool you’re just going to drag the petals inward. Finish it with a yellow dot in the centre.

‘And finally option three,’ @nailslpc.xo says. ‘Using a fine brush, you’re going to want to grab some product and kind of create a blob at the end the tip and with that you’re going to push down and drag slightly to create the petals. Finish it off with a yellow dot in the centre.’

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Featured image: mitbg000, Pexels