Looking For A Glam Mani Makeover? Try Diamante Nails

By Charlie Colville

2 weeks ago

Rhinestone beauty is making a comeback

Is this the end of clean girl beauty? Maximalism is back in a big way this season – especially in the salon. The latest trend to hit feeds is diamante nails, the ultra-bling manicure soothing our Y2K cravings.

What Are Diamante Nails?

‘Diamante nails is a statement manicure that consists of a selection of blinged out embellishments, such as rhinestones, crystals, gems and other decorative elements, to create a dazzling, dramatic and luxe appearance on the nails,’ explains Tinu Bello, a manicurist and Senior Mylee Ambassador. ‘If there’s one word to describe the trend, it’s glam. This is one of the most visually impactful trends for nails, while offering true personalisation, which people really love as a form of self-expression.’

And love it, people do. It seems that social media has become a hub for fans of the trend; on TikTok, for example, you’ll find over 15 million posts tagged under #diamondnails, with videos sharing manicure inspiration and tutorials for recreating the look at home. ‘Social media plays a big part in the popularity of bling nails, as it’s currently filled with diamante nail art inspiration, as we move away from the clean girl aesthetic of the past couple of years,’ agrees Tinu. ‘We also saw a lot of diamante manicures at the latest round of catwalk shows, as seen with the likes of Prabal Gurung.’

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And it’s not just us enjoying the trend, either. ‘Celebs will often bling out their nails, especially for big occasions where they know they will be photographed,’ says Tinu. ‘I’ve seen some A-List looks I have loved recently on Lil Nas X, Sabrina Carpenter, Lizzo, Ayo Edebiri and Keke Palmer. Awards season was awash with diamante nails, as celebs sought the nail limelight.’

How To Ask For Diamante Nails In The Salon (& What To Expect)

A unwritten rule at salons is to bring plenty of photos of the nail art you like when requesting a new design. ‘I always like when someone brings reference images, so we can work together to hit their goals,’ adds Tinu. ‘So make sure to browse Pinterest, or your favourite nail tech’s page beforehand.’

As for what to ask for, Tinu recommends, ‘asking for bling nails with variations of rhinestones, gems and crystals, highlighting that you’re looking for something eye-catching and glam. If you have specific ideas about colours, patterns, or arrangements of the adornments, write them down or visualise them beforehand. This will make it easier to communicate your preferences to your nail tech. Think about any preferences you have regarding the size, shape, and placement of gems. Discussing these details with your nail tech will help them customize the design to suit your style.’

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The process itself is also pretty simple, although multi-stepped; once your nails are prepped and painted, it’s simply a matter of choosing and placing a selection of gems across the manicure. ‘Creating a diamante mani involves meticulous steps by your nail tech,’ explains Tinu. ‘They will begin by preparing your nails, cleaning and shaping them as per your usual manicure. After applying a base coat for protection, your nail tech will carefully plan and execute the design, often referencing photos or your specific requests.

‘Using nail glue or gel, they will place each gem or crystal onto your nails, ensuring precise placement and secure adhesion,’ she continues. ‘Depending on the design complexity, gems may be layered or arranged in patterns for a sparkling effect. A topcoat is then applied to seal the gems and provide a glossy finish, while also protecting the design. Throughout the process, your nail tech will ensure each nail is perfect and uniform and meets your expectations before completing the look with a final inspection and any touch-ups that may be needed.’

How To Recreate Diamante Nails At Home

Fancy getting creative at home? Tinu shares her step-by-step to creating diamante nails below:

  1. Start by preparing your nails as normal. Clean them up thoroughly and shape them to your perfect length.
  2. Apply a base coat to protect your nails.
  3. Next, gather various sizes and shapes of gems, rhinestones, or crystals, along with nail glue or adhesive gel. Using a toothpick or tweezers, carefully place the gems onto your nails in your chosen pattern or design.
  4. Allow the gems to set and dry completely by curing under an LED lamp.
  5. Finish with a topcoat to secure the gems and provide a glossy finish.
  6. For an extra element of bling, you could add an iridescent or silver flake coat of polish.

‘For more intricate designs, consider using nail art brushes to help with precision,’ recommends Tinu. ‘Experiment with different colour combinations and arrangements to create a personalised diamante nail design that reflects your aesthetic.’

What Next?

Get ready for more artsy takes on the trend. ‘I think we will see more artistic fusion when it comes to this manicure,’ says Tinu. ‘Look out for elements like miniature paintings, sculptural forms, 3D elements and mixed textures to create even more unique and expressive looks. These developments are likely to keep bling nails at the forefront of beauty trends, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and personal expression.’

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