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Fellows watch record surpassed with £96,000 Rolex

Plus the £400 watch that sold for £19,000

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Yesterday’s Watch Sale at Fellows saw the house record for the sale of a single watch broken. The most valuable lots of the sale were Rolex watches, with two Daytona lots surpassing the previous record sale.

Lots 423 and 424 were Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona watches, which sold for £80,000 and £96,000 respectively, setting a new house record.

Fellows watch sale 2016

Lot 424, dated circa 1968, reference 6241

So what’s so special about these Rolex Daytona watches?

The Rolex ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona Watch

Lot 423, dated 1969, was the same model (6239) worn by Paul Newman, while lot 424, dated 1968, is identical but for the bezel featuring a black acrylic insert.

Fellows watch sale 2016

Lot 423, dated circa 1969, reference 6239

Other success stories from the auction included a Heuer Skipper watch (7753), valued at £400-£600 that sold for £19,000 following a bidding war from participants in the room, online and on the phone.

Fellows watch sale 2016

Heuer Skipper watch (7753)

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It’s not just vintage Rolex and Patek Philippe that fetch huge figures at auction, canny collectors are casting their nets further. Read Adrian Hailwood’s (of Fellows) piece on why vintage watches are worth the investment.

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