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Ideally, you would pass it on the magazine to a friend or a community place which might enjoy it (doctor or dentist surgery, community centre etc), but you can also rest assured that your issue can be recycled in its entirety*.

*Caveat: on the rare occasion magazine features a gatefold advertisement (where the cover or an inside page opens to reveal an additional page that folds out), it uses laminate which renders the cover paper on those issues unrecyclable, so we suggest removing the cover and recycling the rest.


When two or more copies of the magazines come bagged together, the bagging material is made entirely from 100 per cent compostable material sourced from potato starch. It can be disposed of in a compost heap, your garden waste bin or your food waste bin – why not use it as a liner? Please do NOT put it in your recycling bin.

Packaging Waste at our UK Printer, William Gibbons

All packaging waste, inc. paper, plastic, metal and pallet waste is recycled at Gibbons. Anything they cannot recycle themselves is sent to Veolia, a waste management scheme who will recycle what they can and then burn the rest turning it into energy.


The majority of our paper used in the magazines is UPM Star Gloss, which is sustainably sourced and manufactured, with EU Ecolabel certification and FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody certification.

The cover paper uses Condat Gloss which is FSC® certified (the mark of responsible forestry).