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The Bucket List: Bryan Adams’ Holiday Memories

Discover the travel secrets of singer-songwriter Bryan Adams

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Bryan Adams has yet to go somewhere to ‘find nothing’ on terra firma, as he tells Holly Rubenstein.

The Bucket List: Bryan Adams' Holiday Memories

I recorded a great track in…

My dreams, and then I woke up and my coffee was cold. Actually, I’ve got a new album coming out in March called Shine A Light. I hope you enjoy it!

What is your favourite city to play on tour?

Whoever will have me, basically. A gig is a gig, but I did love playing in Italy recently. Great audience and amazing food.

The Bucket List: Bryan Adams' Holiday Memories

What is your happiest holiday?

Sailing in the middle of the ocean with my brother. We used to have a thing where we would go and ‘find nothing’ – ‘let’s go and find nothing!’ Sadly the only place where we found nothing was on the ocean. Everywhere on land there were people. There must be places left in the world, where there is no one, I’ve just not found them… yet.

I keep going back to…

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines because of its incredible natural beauty. I started a little fund to help the environment there called the SVGPF (Saint Vincent and Grenadines Preservation Fund). You can check out more at and on Instagram @svgef.

The Bucket List: Bryan Adams' Holiday Memories

If you go to one place it has to be…

Warm and have great food. Being that I’m from Canada, the cold has done me in. I just don’t want to be cold all the time.

Country or town house?

Country this week, please.

The Bucket List: Bryan Adams' Holiday Memories

I found myself in…

This interview, being asked obscure questions like this one.

Travel hell is…

Having to be microwave body scanned. Travelling through Dubai security is the worst for that. You can’t opt out of being microwaved by the body scanner – they’ll put you back on the plane. Personally I don’t believe being scanned like that is safe for you if you’re a frequent flyer and have to do it all the time.

Where do you always eat well?

At home, but I think London and New York City could be the best places in the world for food. I’ve spent a lot of time in NYC in the past few years, writing the songs for Pretty Woman: The Musical. It’s now on Broadway and I hope it will come to London soon.

The Bucket List: Bryan Adams' Holiday Memories

At the top of my bucket list is…

I’d like to write another musical and spend some more time in NYC in that world.

What is your first holiday memory?

Sanibel Island, Florida in the early 1960s. Imagine two boys in the back seat of a red Ford Mustang scrapping the whole way.

Do you have a favourite city? 

Florence, but that’s because I just visited it recently and never knew how beautiful it was. Old Italian cities kind of do it for me.

The Bucket List: Bryan Adams' Holiday Memories

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