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Barbury Kitchens

Beautiful hand-made British furniture and kitchens

Barbury Kitchens sees a growing, deep-seated global desire for bespoke kitchens and furniture that are authentically British in design, production and personality; the brand is on a mission to meet this demand. ‘Consumers everywhere want furniture and kitchens that resonate with their search for individuality,’ says co-founder and CEO, Ellis Bardsley. ‘All around the world people are looking for that British level of precision that’s found in Formula One’s research, design and manufacturing – our products have that British pedigree and identity.’


Barbury is based in the shadow of Barbury Castle on the Marlborough Downs in Wiltshire. It was here that, five years ago, master joiner and co-founder, Paul Dobson, had a business producing and fitting shop interiors across Britain. He and Ellis saw an opportunity to use the ingrained construction and engineering know-how to make beautiful, yet robust, kitchens and furniture instead. Today, Paul’s love of building outstanding furniture continues to be reflected in his attention to detail and in the way he likes to meet and speak to every client. Paul insists on reviewing every design and end result personally, to ensure that every client’s dream is delivered.


‘We celebrate our Wiltshire origins at Barbury. For hundreds of years Wiltshire has been the home of British furniture production so we’re proud to say “made in Wiltshire”, “made in Britain”,’ says Paul. ‘Our team’s experience of designing and producing furniture, by hand, from a bench, goes back centuries and it is still the way we make our kitchens and furniture today. We pay absolute attention to every detail which is part of the unique, reserved, cautious British character.’

We celebrate our Wiltshire origins at Barbury – for hundreds of years Wiltshire has been the home of British furniture production

Barbury Kitchens

That British sense of caution lying at Barbury’s heart means the brand guarantees its workmanship for 25 years, leaving nothing to chance. Plus every Barbury client is supported, cared for and given the same service, irrespective of the size or scale of the project. Clients might want a window seat, an under-stairs office, a £100,000 kitchen or just a television stand.


The Barbury motto is, ‘Whatever a client wants, we produce,’ and projects vary enormously – Barbury was recently asked to produce white, traditional, wooden road-signs for villages wishing to regenerate a 1950s motoring experience. It also delivers a fine range of seven bespoke kitchens: Barbury, Avebury, Salisbury, Liddington, Malmesbury, Marlborough and Wroughton. The first six are based on clean, classical, traditional lines of elegant, yet British style. The Wroughton is a contemporary kitchen style combining Barbury’s traditional quality with modern aesthetics.


‘Our clients respect and value our “what you see is what you get” approach,’ says Ellis. ‘Currently we supply the whole of Britain and export to key overseas markets from our workshop and showroom and, in 2020, we intend to establish four more showrooms in alliance with established kitchen retailers and other partners. We’re extremely optimistic about our future and our aim is simple but bold – to design, manufacture and supply quintessentially British furniture to the far corners of the world.’