Brook + Wilde

Purveyor of products for the best British sleep – and bedrooms

A company that makes an important contribution to our physical and mental wellbeing, Brook + Wilde produces home and bedroom products that not only ensure a great night’s sleep, but come highly rated (and reviewed) for their impeccable quality, craftmanship and innovative detailing.

Its award-winning track record of excellence has caused Vanity Fair to rave: ‘Like the brand’s magnificent mattresses, Brook + Wilde’s new bed linen sets add five-star comfort to your bedroom’; while GQ more pragmatically writes, ‘It’ll save your sleep and would well save your relationship.’ A customer wrote in to ‘complain’ about her new bed’s ‘ridiculous level of comfort’; and Woman & Home said the comfort its testers experienced was ‘off the chart’.

Brook + Wilde has spent the past 12 months dreaming up what founder-entrepreneur Andrew Tyler describes as ‘the most comfortable luxury mattress in the world’. The beautiful-looking Perla – coloured silver, cream and grey in homage to a pearl – is engineered using Brook + Wilde’s trademark technology, with 7,000 springs and 14 layers crafted from fine natural materials including silk, cashmere, blended alpaca, bamboo and lambswool, to give a deeply sumptuous sleep.

The Perla also reinvents and enhances Brook + Wilde’s signature ‘wave technology’ to include zone-profiled specialist lumbar support foam sections, to ease tired joints and alleviate pressure in all the right places.

‘With so many layers of luxury, the mattress is a mountainous 32cm deep,’ says Andrew, ‘which gives a feeling of cradled comfort that is unsurpassed.’

‘Beds and mattresses that have a dramatic effect on quality of sleep and wellbeing’

Tyler and his business partner Jonathan Coulson are proud of having forged ahead with this new development during a challenging period, while maintaining consistent quality at every stage of production and delivery across the rest of their business. ‘There is also the knowledge that we bring wonderful products to people’s homes – beds and mattresses that have a dramatic effect on quality of sleep and general wellbeing,’ adds Jonathan. ‘We’re proud of providing this to so many people.’

Brook + Wilde’s product offering goes beyond beds and mattresses to include chairs, rugs and linens. New additions launched across all its categories during the past year include the 800 thread-count Sandringham Bed Linen collection and a set of opulent, handcrafted bed frames, the Regency Collection.

The two founders have consciously adopted a drive to reduce the business’s carbon footprint and have made sustainable timber and reforestation part of their business model. ‘Every year we support a third-party non-profit organisation to plant thousands of trees and we use sustainable timber for our bed frames,’ explains Andrew. ‘We also aim to work to a zero waste-to-landfill policy. We donate nearly-new mattresses to the British Heart Foundation and recycle old or used mattresses rather than send to landfill. Our packaging is made from recycled materials which are themselves recyclable.’