Youth & Earth

The secret to maintaining a healthy, active body and mind

For Youth & Earth founder Ed van Harmelen, the pandemic was an opportunity to learn more about what people look for in health supplements. Taking part in wellness entrepreneur Liz Earle’s ongoing #wellbeingwednesday series on IGTV led to discussions around how our bodies change as we age and what supplements are needed to top up natural levels of various molecules. ‘This played a key role in developing an in-depth idea of what our customers require in their quest for a happier and healthier lifestyle, and tailoring products directly to their needs,’ he says.

Specialising in natural anti-ageing supplements that combine cutting-edge science with age-old wisdom to slow down ageing at a cellular level, Youth & Earth is the largest supplier of NAD+ boosters in Britain and Europe (NAD+ molecules deplete in our bodies as we get older). In response to questions from the community after Ed’s chat with Liz, and following ‘biohacking’ professor Dr David Sinclair discussion of his daily supplement stacking routine, it became clear that customers were after something new to help combat symptoms such as tiredness, wrinkles and the slowing of the metabolism: a Resveratrol-only supplement.

Resveratrol is a molecule produced by the body that activates Sirtuins but depletes as we age. When Sirtuins ‘awaken’ they anti-age from the inside by mimicking calorie restriction and kickstarting the metabolism. This works to delay ageing, by improving cardiovascular functions, and regulating inflammation and the body’s stress response. After producing a Liposomal Resveratrol product (which is more bioavailable than isolated Resveratrol, meaning a larger proportion enters circulation and has an active effect), Youth & Earth sent out a survey to its repeat customers.

It saw an overwhelming response: people were looking for other liquid, non-capsule supplements that were easy to consume, with high bioavailability. The company’s offering now includes a large range of these, with more to follow soon. ‘The formula is driven by plant-based ingredients – liposomes come from sunflowers – allowing the body to adjust and combat the symptoms of ageing gently,’ says Ed.

Providing customers with complete transparency has always been a priority for Youth & Earth, which is why the company endeavours to ensure all new supplements have clear third-party test results available on its website. It has also started working with the University of Edinburgh, which recently opened a specialist Youth & Earth Lab where PhD students and those studying for a master’s degree focus on research and development within the supplement and healthcare space, with specific interest in NAD+ boosters. As part of its aim to leave the planet a better place, Youth & Earth’s packaging continues to be plastic-free and recyclable.

Among all these developments over the last tumultuous year, the Youth & Earth team is delighted to have been recognised with a number of wellbeing awards, including winning Best Healthy Ageing Supplement at the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing awards. Ultimately, by producing cutting-edge products designed to help sustain a fit and active lifestyle, Ed is determined to ensure that we can increase our physical and mental energy as we age, leading to longer, healthier lives.