Country & Town House is delighted to be supporting DIRT charity, founded by activist and sustainability consultant Arizona Muse, as its charity partner for 2024.

What is DIRT Charity?

DIRT  is a UK charity working globally to turn fashion into a climate solution, starting with the soil. Fashion is grown in soil, and the way we currently grow our raw materials causes tremendous harm to soil, and is a catalyst for climate change. We could grow fashion crops such as wool, cotton, leather and linen in a way that heals soil and restores nature to full health and thriving biodiversity. Regenerating soil is both a long term solution and the fastest answer we have to climate change. The Biodynamic method of agriculture that DIRT Charity’s efforts support  is a powerful nature based solution to farming and our goal is to get fashion’s sourcing power behind biodynamic soil regeneration globally. DIRT’s mission is to grow and process all fashion’s raw materials biodynamically. It’s a big mission as we need all the help we can get. Please donate if you can.

‘Country & Town House is my happy place,’ says Arizona. ‘ I turn this magazine’s pages and my mind is filled with intellectual stimulation, my heart is filled with beauty and the world is on a better track for a sustainable future. It is thought-provoking, intelligently written, beautifully designed, with regenerative thought leadership and sustainability at its core.’

Dirt has three funds for donors to choose where their funds will go:

  1. 1.Education Fund:

    Provides scholarships to biodynamic colleges globally, supports the implementation into curriculums of farming fashion’s raw materials biodynamically, and funds the creation of educational and awareness raising media content.

  2. 2.Biodynamic Associations Fund:

    Supports Biodynamic Associations as they implement fashion crops into their mandate. There are almost 100 associations around the world who work tirelessly to promote biodynamics, and to attract, educate and support farmers to this healing modality of agriculture.

  3. 3.Farm Projects:

    Supports a number of proposed local projects around the world, led by extraordinary people who are experienced in biodynamics, and who will create impactful and inspiring change; not just to the soil and fashion supply chain, but to their local communities, wildlife and surrounding ecosystem. These will act as pilot projects to showcase their success, to implement more projects in other locations in the future.

Donors who are businesses find great communication value by choosing to support a farm project. They receive heartwarming content to share with their communities as the supported project develops and completes.

Images from a UK biodynamic farm – Waltham Place

For donors that have the planet at the core of their business practices, the charity has created the Earth Shop Earth Shop, a place where you can buy beautiful sustainable things, knowing that a percentage of their proceeds go to DIRT.

To find out more about DIRT, visit

How will C&TH provide support?

As well as other non-tangible elements, C&TH will offer DIRT:

  • Complementary advertising in every C&TH edition and its associated supplements – School House, Great British Brands, Country & Town Interiors, Great British & Irish Hotels
  • Ongoing editorial support across print, online, social media and live events

VOLUNTEERING: As a company, C&TH will be taking part in paid volunteer work.

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