How we treat people and planet matters.

It is no longer acceptable to carry on business as usual, when the planet is burning, our emissions keep rising and nature keeps being reduced. We need to consider how we can all play a role in protecting our planet and the people upon it.

With our mission to make sustainability effortless, C&TH aims to address how we can make more considered lifestyle choices through trusted editorial that is clear, passionate and inspiring.

C&TH is also committed to looking after its own staff and communities and to driving down its carbon emissions in line with UN targets.

There are three distinct areas where we will focus our approach to delivering on our mission:

1 Our Editorial
With a buy less, buy better mantra, C&TH spotlights the brands, products, companies, people and ideas that are having a positive impact on the earth without sacrificing beauty, creativity and fun. C&TH communicates this shift to effortless sustainability through powerful storytelling, first-class writing and influential contributors Supporting homegrown businesses and talent, C&TH celebrates the creativity, innovation and diversity in Great Britain, supporting local and independently owned businesses and brands that manufacture in the UK, as well as our incredible creative industries.

C&TH is also passionate about protecting and regenerating our environment, so supports ways in which our land can be improved, from regenerative farming, growing your own food, eating seasonally and locally to the importance of biodiversity and conservation.
C&TH seeks to include a broader range of voices within our own company, our contributors and our editorial.

2 Our Environment
In line with UN targets, C&TH has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2030. Working with Positive Planet, we are currently working on setting our baseline emissions, with a view to implementing our reduction plan in 2024. C&TH will ensure that there is adequate staff training and that environmental and social policies are up to date and communicated.

3 Our People
C&TH wants to nurture a happy, engaged and diverse workforce who all have a voice in the running and future of the business.

C&TH supports our community through purchasing local services (where applicable) and pledges to support one charity annually through volunteer hours, fundraising, editorial and advertising space.

Sustainability and our products

The Magazines

Our magazines (Country & Town House, School House, Country & Town Interiors, Great British Brands, Watches & Jewellery and Great British & Irish Hotels) are printed on UPM Star Gloss, which is sustainably sourced and manufactured, with EU Ecolabel certification and PEFC™ chain of custody certification (PEFC™ is the mark of responsible forestry).

The cover paper uses Condat Gloss which is PEFC™certified.

We want you to enjoy our products for as long as possible, but once you have finished with your magazine, ideally, we’d love you to pass it on to a friend or a community place which might enjoy it (doctor or dentist surgery, community centre etc), but you can also rest assured that your issue can be recycled in its entirety*.

*Caveat: on the rare occasion magazine features a gatefold advertisement (where the cover or an inside page opens to reveal an additional page that folds out), it uses laminate which renders the cover paper on those issues unrecyclable, so we suggest removing the cover and recycling the rest..

THE Packaging

When two or more copies of the magazines come bagged together, the bagging material is made from 100 percent compostable material sourced from potato starch. It can be disposed of in a compost heap, your garden waste bin or your food waste bin – why not use it as a liner? Please do NOT put it in your recycling bin.


Our products are printed in the UK at William Gibbons & Sons, which has the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Certification, using mineral-oil based ink.

All packaging waste, inc. paper, plastic, metal and pallet waste is recycled at Gibbons. Anything they cannot recycle themselves is sent to Veolia, a waste management scheme who will recycle what they can and then burn the rest turning it into energy. For more information around their environmental policies, please visit