The Best Books To Teach Children About Climate Change

By Olivia Emily

9 months ago

Stories to ease climate anxiety

The climate crisis has grave implications for our planet, and it can be difficult to grapple with climate anxiety – especially when raising little ones. So, how best to teach children about climate change? Over in Oxford, The Story Museum has launched a brand new exhibition called ‘Brilli-ANT’, which features giant cardboard insects brought to life with celebrity voices – from Isy Suttie to Julian Clary, Derek Jacobi to Joseph Coelho – to help children connect with the world and combat climate anxiety. In the meantime, we’ve teamed up with The Story Museum to share the best books to teach children about climate change, from picture books about energy conservation to poems about trying new things.

The Best Books To Teach Children About Climate Change

Ade Adepitan reading The secret Garden Under The Sea to children at Oasis Academy Johanna school in London. To educate the nation’s families on Blue Carbon and support Zurich’s recent partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, we will create a children’s book titled ‘The Secret Garden Under the Sea, The Adventures of Seanna the Seahorse and Friends’.