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How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Let us help you decorate the perfect Christmas tree...

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Want some expert advice on how to decorate your Christmas tree? Michael Peterson, founder and head of design at Bombki, shares his ten top tips for decorating your home for Christmas

Top Ten Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

How to decorate your Christmas tree
You can have a theme but don’t get too stuck in a rut of trying to match your Christmas tree or the room as a whole, a room can look much more luxurious when there is a story as it creates emotion. That’s what gives that wow factor that we all look for – you want people to come in your room and say wow! (Or at least think it)

2. Make sure to trim your Christmas tree to a beautiful shape before you start, it should reach the ceiling and should fill the space where it has been placed. A little bit of overhanging branches won’t hurt; they’ll look more natural and give a fuller look to the tree. Think of it as you would a piece of artwork on a canvas, as this is the focal point of the room.

3. Always add the lighting first to the room and the tree. Make sure the lights go all the way around the tree even if the back is to the wall. You will see the lights from the back shining through the branches and this will add depth. Also, you don’t want to walk past at a certain angle and see dark areas – add clear glass decorations to add more depth and mystery to the tree.

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4. Try not to see any decoration as too small or too big, instead try to use all different sizes and finishes as the contrast can work really well. If you only use solid colours at the same size then the tree can look flat and even over decorated.

5. Using larger decorations towards the bottom and smaller ones towards the top gives the tree added height.

How to decorate your Christmas tree

6. Don’t over decorate – know when to stop! There comes a point when a Christmas tree will look like it is going to fall over – this is the point you want to avoid – it’s good to see a little bit of the tree as well.

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7. Don’t under decorate – make sure the tree looks balanced and there aren’t any bare areas but decorations are spread out evenly. Balance the decorations by colour or design by creating imaginary diagonal lines so as not to hang at the same levels or next to each other.

8. Don’t be scared to stand back the next day and re-evaluate your effort. Things can be removed or added to create the flow that gives your room that Christmas cosy feel. Sometimes a fresh outlook the next day will make you realise something that you may not have thought of the day before.

9. Dress the room with simple touches to flow alongside the tree.

10. Make it a family experience if you can. Enjoy your time together and make the most of decorating the tree together – put on some festive music, get some hot chocolate for the kids (and mulled wine for yourselves) and get into the festive spirit!

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