How To Host The Perfect Euros Garden Party

By Olivia Emily

2 weeks ago

Five tips for a winning day

A whopping 5 billion people are expected to tune into the Euros. Are you one of them? Keeping up with the Euros doesn’t have to mean staying indoors in front of the TV (though the weather might like the sound of that): gather your nearest and dearest to host a Euros garden party. We’ve teamed up with Live Football Tickets to share five tips for a winning soiree.

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5 Tips For A Euros Garden Party

1. Set The Scene

As the players prepare for the all important quarter-finals, you too have some preparation to do. Ensuring your home is ready to host a screening of the play-offs is the crucial first step in your journey to the perfect Euros garden party – especially if recent weather is anything to go by.

Make sure there is enough seating and viewing areas for the day and, perhaps reluctantly, ensure there is space to relocate inside if the heavens open.

As with any event, decor is key to set the tone and get in the spirit. Transform your garden into a football haven with England and Euro-themed bunting, balloons and tableware.

2. Plan Half-Time Games

How to keep everyone engaged and entertained when the half-time whistle blows? This is usually when guests nip to the bathroom, top up their drinks, or delve into the details of the game. Add some fun into the mix with garden games, whether that’s a classic mini pitch for a shoot out or a footy-themed quiz. Most important is the prize: bring out your guests’ competitive streak by offering up an important prize, whether that’s a paper crown, bragging rights, or a bottle of champagne.

3. Matchday Munchies

Barbecue? Picky bits? You decide – but no garden party is complete without plenty of food and flowing drinks.

If you fancy a barbecue, create a designated station filled with snacks, sauces and sweet-tasting treats, before cooking up finger food items such as chicken wings and burgers – easy to hold while cheering for your favourite team. The same goes for picnics, or why not do a big pizza order for ease?

Alternatively, mix it up by catering your food to the country that is playing. If you are watching Spain play, rustle up some tapas and tortilla. If it’s Germany, get the hot dogs on the grill.

4. Multiple Viewing Options

With the main celebrations outdoors at your Euros garden party, it is important that all guests have a clear view of the game. If little ones are on the guest list, set up a kid-friendly area to keep the little ones out of the chaos. For the grownups, position the TV outside (if you trust the forecast), invest in an outdoor projector, or utilise your entire home with multiple viewing stations.

5. A Grand Guest List

Funnily enough, the best Euros garden party isn’t just attended by the biggest football fans you know. Invite a range of people – even those with no interest in the sport, if you dare – to keep the celebrations going before, during and after the game.