Football Documentaries To Enjoy Amid The Euros

By Olivia Emily

3 weeks ago

Got a case of football fever? We’ve got the antidote

Whether you’re an England fan, a Scotland supporter, or a rogue supporter of a team from the continent, the Euros is a thrilling time for all, with Europe’s best and brightest teams battling it out for the prestigious trophy. Fancy delving behind the scenes, learning about the legends or scrutinising the scandals? Here are eight football documentaries to enjoy amid the Euros action.

8 Great Football Documentaries


The Final: Attack On Wembley

Delving into the 2021 Euros, this new football documentary from Netflix is a timely watch – if you can face it. In July 2021, England was on the brink of a historic win under manager Gareth Southgate. It was England’s first major final appearance since 1966, and held at Wembley Stadium to top it all off. But as England supporters flocked to the stadium from all corners of the country, celebration quickly devolved into chaos. Drunkenness and drug-taking led to opportunistic fans storming the stadium – and The Final: Attack on Wembley explores the consequences.




You might have spotted this legendary French footballer donning an all-black mask to protect his broken nose at the Euros 2024. Delve into the rise of the once-in-a-generation talent that is Kylian Mbappé with this BBC documentary, spanning his youth in the Paris suburbs to his rise to the pinnacle of modern football.



Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League

More interested in a football documentary series? Fever Pitch is the BBC answer to your prayers. Across four parts, top footballers and commentators delve into the rise of the premier league from its humble beginnings to the billion pound business we know today.



We Are Newcastle United

For a deep dive into one of the Premier League’s most scrutinised teams of the moment, watch Prime’s football documentary, We Are Newcastle United. Controversially purchased by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund for more than £300 million, the series kicks off with the appointment of new head coach Eddie Howe and the signing of several big name players, and delves into the reaction from fans, and life at the club on and off the pitch.



The Football Fraudster

Fans of documentaries about scammers will love this new ITV series delving into former Southend footballer Medi Abalimba. Footballer, rapper and con artist, Medi’s web of lies swindled multiple victims, both breaking hearts and destroying lives.



Welcome To Wrexham

Another football club of the moment is Wrexham AFC, purchased by American actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in February 2021, who were reportedly inspired by another football documentary, Sunderland ‘Til I Die. With no experience or knowledge of how to manage a sports team, Welcome to Wrexham follows the actors as they attempt to revive the struggling club, exploring their engagement with the fans and community, too.



The Footballer, His Wife & The Crash

Another one for scam fans, The Footballer, His Wife & The Crash delves into the life of Jlloyd Samuel, and how his Premier League footballing dream spiralled into a nightmare. When he suddenly died in a car crash in 2018, Jlloyd’s widow was left to uncover the life changing secrets he had been keeping from her.



Sunderland ‘Til I Die

The first football documentary of its kind, Sunderland ‘Til I Die arguably kicked off a whole new generation of sports documentaries, debuting on Netflix in 2018. The first season documents the team’s 2017/18 season, and was agreed to by chairman Ellis Short who hoped the series would attract new investors for the struggling team, which had just faced relegation. The football team is an important part of the lifeblood of Sunderland as a city, with a legion of loyal fans – but their patience is tested by relegation, and the first season explores the club’s first season in the Championship after that major disappointment. Can they keep the fans onside?