Who Is The Hardest Working Royal Of 2023?

By Ellie Smith

6 months ago

One royal has been particularly busy this year

The British Royal Family has over 46 members, but only 10 of them are currently classed as working royals. The job of a working royal is to represent King Charles at official engagements, such as hosting state dinners, handing out honours and attending constitutional functions. The list includes The Prince and Princess of Wales (William and Kate), Princess Anne and Prince Richard – but some are busier than others. So who was the hardest working royal of 2023? New data from digital PR company Reboot Online has done the homework to find out.

Who Is The Hardest Working Royal Of 2023?

To crown the hardest working royals, Reboot Online looked at how many engagements they’d undertaken over the past twelve months. Once again, Princess Anne came out tops as the most industrious royal, having attended 212 engagements over the course of the year. And the figure could be even more than this, with The Telegraph counting a whopping 457 engagements, using entries published in the Court Circular.


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This is nothing new: Princess Anne, aged 73, has long had a reputation for her dedication to the job. As Queen Elizabeth’s former press spokesman Dickie Arbiter told The Telegraph: ‘She just gets on with it, often carrying out multiple engagements in one day.’ He added: ‘Anne is a tremendous support to the King. He bounces ideas off her. For an ageing monarchy they are doing pretty well.’

In second place was King Charles himself, with 197 engagements – or, if you go with The Telegraph’s figures, 425. But, as Arbiter notes, the King does a lot that isn’t officially registered. 

King Charles III presents The Elizabeth Medal of Honour at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023

King Charles III presents The Elizabeth Medal of Honour at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023. (© RHS/Oliver Dixon)

‘Of course, much of what the King does is behind the scenes, in meetings and going through his red boxes, which doesn’t warrant a mention in the Court Circular,’ he said.

Reboot Online’s list also looked at the 2022 figures to see which working royal has had the biggest increase in engagements since last year. On this front, Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, came out tops, with a 12 per cent rise in engagements between 2022 and 2023. King Charles also stepped up his game this year with an eight percent increase from last year, which makes sense with his new role and all.

Here’s Reboot Online’s full list.

Which Working Royals Had The Most Engagements in 2023?

  1. Princess Anne: 212 engagements
  2. King Charles III: 197 engagements
  3. Prince Edward: 141 engagements
  4. Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh: 114 engagements
  5. Prince Richard, Duchess of Gloucester: 113 engagements
  6. William, The Prince of Wales: 110 engagements
  7. Camilla, Queen Consort: 101 engagements
  8. Catherine, Princess of Wales: 92 engagements
  9. Birgitte, The Duchess of Gloucester: 92 engagements
  10. Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent: 64 engagements